What will be the last date for stable android 10 update that we should wait and keep hope from asus?

If asus team will clear the date then only we will believe that you are working for stable android 10 for Zenfone Max Pro series.

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  • vishallagoovishallagoo Level 2
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    I have a little hope still because they are still commenting like wait for official announcement regarding updates. They are not saying device support ended. So I have 0.5% hope that they will provide stable, but speaking for rest 99.5%, just forget the stable, device support already ended. Asus devices have a very good hardware but they are not even close to even oppo realme vivo. software department of asus is worst. So enjoy pie or use custom rom.

    I don't have good experience with roms, they make your device much more unstable, so I am going to continue Pie


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