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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

Model Name: MPM1

Firmware Version:. 87

Rooted or not: NO

Frequency of Occurrence: DAILY

APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): NA

My phone is heating in Idle condition, while charging phones temperature is normal / cool & while not in use or kept idle in night or day phone automatically starts heating, when check in morning almost phone is so much heated that even I can't touch the phone, either need to turn off & again turn on the device, also seeing some weird behaviour, bluetooth, airplane mode or wifi / mobile data starts automatically. Gplay, System UI & other apps starts stopping automatically as same quick 1 sec message appears on screen.

DIY DONE @HOME - formatted the phone 2wice. Nothing worked out. Also scanned my phone with AV, no virus or malware. Or no such apps or data which is affecting phone. I have checked in safe mode, same issue persisting no change.

Due to this battery is discharging rapidly even after calibrating it.

@Christine_ASUS please let me know why this issue is getting on my phone??? Now I want replacement of device. As after few months same issue arises & no permanent solution on this, 3 times visitd SC but after few days / months again issue is appearing.

Now I can't go to SC due to lockdown restrictions in my city.

I WANT PERMANENT RESOLUTION & DEVICE REPLACEMENT. I'm now totally dissatisfied on service / resolution provided which is even not working at all, issue shud solved permanently but after few months /days issue rises again.


  • Hi, please check your inbox for the private message I've sent you, since the further information that we need involves your personal information. Thank you.

  • I also more than 5 time visited SC , Regarding My Screen Issue, Some Time They Stop Responding , When I Touch On Screen They Not Response Me , Just Like Hang Device, I Visited Service Center And Then They Replace My Screen But Than Also No Solution, Asus Have Cheep Quality Of Workers With Them Which Can't Solve A Single Problem,

    Now My Warranty Out-of-date But Still I Am Facing Same Issue, I Send Them Video On My Screen Issue But Then Also Not Single Solutions By Team. Worst Service After Selling Device To Customer.

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    When will I receive an update? I want this to be closed before my phone's warranty expires, if not possible due to lockdown restrictions here need to know alternative on that

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