[5z] IMP Bugs With Latest .123 Firmware Version & Pending Issues Yet To Be Fixed Also User Requests.

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  1. Model Name: ZS620KL
  2. Firmware Version:
  3. Rooted or not: Not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Always
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): System bugs

Bugs/issues :-

  • (Microsoft Teams) Teams app used for video meeting for hours than system miscalculates the app usage time. this issue only happens with microsoft teams app everytime. There is no problem with other apps usage time this problem leads to wrong information of battery Stats. Started to Occur after latest .123 firmware. (few screenshots) 👇

  • (Securtiy) App lock bug (Reported since. 99 firmware version) its almost 8 months & not fixed.(This requires instant fix as its related to security of device)

Please follow this steps👇

Lock settings app>than open info of any app by long press on that app pressing (i) > pull down notification panel and tap on settings icon.

This will bypass settings app lock pattern and take you to settings.

Here is short screen recording of it for your help👇

  • Screen pinning bug👇 (Reported since 8/ more months and not yet fixed)

The problem is that upper quick toggles can still be used for turning ON or OFF any option from quick toggles menu in background of screen pinned

Example :- If m watching any screen pinned app and if i try to turn on flashlight or any option like wifi or mobile data from quick toggles than it can be done in background of screen pinned

(while i believe background activity should be totally off while screen pin is ON ) please see screen recorded video n fix this👇

  • Double tap to wake up not working (Many users started reporting this problem after latest jan patch .123 firmware version.

Happens if device is kept idle for long time or is on a single page doing anything for long minutes/hours Double tap misbehaves.

  • Charging Bug lock screen shows charged while settings battery page shows charging even if its 100% charged with Green LED light up I have already created a thread for it and still not fixed please take a look into👇

Requests with future FOTA:-

  1. Enable BSNL Volte. (Basic Required Feature)
  2. Enable AIRTEL Vo-Wifi (Basic Required Feature)


ZenuI 7 on top of Android 10/Android 11 on top of ZenuI 6 (Users Hopes are still ON)

I hope all the issues will be addressed before Asus gives up on 5z as a flagship.


@Anders_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS @Christine_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS @Titan_ASUS @Dominik_ASUS @DrAlex_ASUS @Kris@Kris_ASUS @gabriel_prado


  • True..... There r still many bugs need to be fixed ASAP.

    -auto-rotation issue is still there(asking for fix from 7mos still no conclusion)

    -after latest update, double tap to wake up isn't working properly.

  • yeah True..... There r still many bugs need to be fixed ASAP.

  • Yes I am facing all the issues that are mentioned here. I hope Asus will fix it before the support ends.

    It will be great if they can add Airtel vowifi in future FOTA :)


  • These bugs should be reviewed and resolved in next update.


  • Hi AmitGarde

    Thank you for your asking. Kindly check my reply as below.

    1. Teams app: I just tested my device with Teams (Version 1416/ and the usage time does not have huge miscalculation as yours. Please update your app version and check again.

    2. Settings AppLock: I am currently checking with the relevant team. We will keep you updated and your consideration will be very much appreciated.

    3. Screen Pinning: I am not sure this behavior is a bug or a normal behavior. Did the issue appear after any firmware version? I will check with the relevant team. We will keep you updated and your consideration will be very much appreciated.

    4. Double Tap: I can not duplicate the issue. While double tap involves hardware factor, please check this issue in Safe Mode. If the issue remains in Safe Mode, please let me know.

    5. Battery page shows "Charging" in 100%: I am currently checking with the relevant team. We will keep you updated and your consideration will be very much appreciated.

  • I don't exactly remember but I have suggested some one how to fix the notification delay issue.

    Personally in my phone the notification is arriving as it should with no glitch or problems whatsoever.

    Please check in settings -> Apps & Notification -> Notifications -> see all from 7 days. Check if something is muted or not. Check In app Settings as well.

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    Thanks for response @Christine_ASUS

    1. My teams app is Up to date and as i described in the thread issue is happening only with more than half and hour video calls/meetings so please try to check issue only with video meetings/calls normally just scrolling inside app doesnt show any problem.

    2. As this is security bug which is a highlight and needs a quick fix hope it will be resolved.

    3. As per my knowledge Screen pinning must avoid system from bypassing anyting and should remain on pinned page for long until its unpined.but still i am waitng for relevant teams reply thanks.

    4. There are many threads or comments floating since 123 update for this double tap issue and yes checked with safe mode it sometimes works but sometimes misbehaves double tap to lock works great but double tap to wake does not work as it should and so it misbehaves. Only solution to this problem is to turn toggle OFF & ON again in gesture settings of "double tap to wake up" for its smooth working so i feel There is something wrong with latest firmware and that is the reason many users sarted to face this problem together once at a time.

    5. I hope this issue is addressed as its very hard to guess weather battery actually gets full charged or not.



    When i turn on any of the smart switch options in battery modes. after completion of its required task, my default battery mode should revert back to what it was set earlier but instead it always goes to power saving mode even if my device was in balance mode before the start of smart switch options.

    EXAMPLE:- If i use option called "switch by schedule" from smart switch options in battery mode and my device is in "balance mode" before the start of given schedule then after completion of given schedule/any smart switch options it doesnt go back to balance mode but always goes to power saving mode.Where i belive it should always go back to balance mode which was alredy in use before starting of any smart switch options.

    And so i have to always change my battery modes manually for normal use. 

    Please take a closer look at all these issues.


  • Thanks for the thread @AmitGarde , i was going to make a thread on this.

    Its a request to devs to solve this bugs as soon as possible specially double tap one, i wasn't facing this on previous version nor i have any problem in hardware as i flashed the previous version using fbrom and there was no problem with double tap to wake up but facing in latest one.

    Similarly all the mentioned bugs are checked twice or thrice by @AmitGarde and many other stock users.

    Hoping for next update with bugs fixes.

    Thanks for the all support till now. Asus is lob😍

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    Yes, have the same energy saving mode bug with .123.

    I have now disabled the Power Master battery option "intelligent change after power connect" (in german menue "Nach Stromversorgung umschalten") because i didn´t get notifications from signal/threema/whatsapp etc.

    Everytime after i have loaded the battery & disconnect the power cable the 5Z changed to the power saving mode (in German: Energiesparen) instead of the balanced mode (in German: Ausgleich) => no notifications from apps in background because of disabled mobile data.

    @adityapruthi2001 maybe you can check the "not so smart" Power Master options again? If the 5Z is in Power save or Super Power save mode, it doesn´t allow mobile data in the background.

  • Hi AmitGarde & all friends

    Thank you for your reply. Kindly check the reply as below

    "Teams" Battery usage:

    If the issue only occur in any specific app, please report the issue to app developer.

    Kindly check Google Play> Microsoft Teams

    AppLock on "Settings":

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused and your valuable advice will be included in future design and optimization considerations. If you still have any concern, please visit Google Play store and check for AppLock related apps. Thank you.

    Screen Pinning:

    After check with the relevant team, please turn off "Double tap to suspend" to avoid triggering quick toggles usage during Screen Pinning. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and your consideration will be very much appreciated.

    Thank you for your continued support and patronage.

    Battery page shows "Charging" in 100%:

    After check with the relevant team, please note that the interface behavior of "showing Charging after charged to 100%" will not disturb normal usage behavior.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused and your consideration will be very much appreciated.

    Thank you for your continued support and patronage.

  • Indirectly you are avoiding every issue 🤨

    AppLock on "Settings":

    I think this forum is to ask for solutions but instead it looks like clear ignorance from ASUS. Also it looks like ASUS doesnt care about users security issues.. This issue was reported since december 2020 and its sad that it still exists.

    what if my device gets in hand of unknown user he can easily access my all privacy related settings just via bypassing into my system settings from gear icon on notification panel.

    Also tell me one thing if we are facing bug with 5z than what will we do of future considerations and optimisations as there will not be any for 5z in future?? we have highlighted this issue because it is needed to be fixed as an important priority. there is nothing to do for us with your future considerations & optimisations which are of no use for existing customers and this is not a solution to a problem. so we want bug fixes with existing support.

    Screen pining:

    Same goes here you are literally telling us to stop using inbuilt useful features. Why? Than why where those implemented with ZENUI if those make system buggy? As a user we will make sure that we use every possible feature of a phone as we own a FLAGSHIP. please fix this and stop avoiding users issues. We deserve a fix for this as double tap to suspend is our daily used feature and we dont want to compromise or stop using it.

    Battery page shows "charging" in 100% :

    Will not disturb normal usage behaviour whatt......?? Do you really know it is very basic feature to let users know if there device is fully charged or not.... if it doesnt disturb any normal usage than that doesnt mean it should be kept as it is. isnt it?? This requires a fix why ASUS keeps bugs/mistakes inside system as it is?? Do you feel this is good support?

    After reading your answers @Christine_ASUS i felt like what....?? Seriously....?? Is this a flagship experince with ASUS ??? Leaving issues as it is with users and force them from stop using built in functions with a flagship phone??

    Why should we compromise on a inbuilt features just because developers doesnt want to work with 2 year old model?? but why dont they think that this is best sold flagship having a larger user base for ASUS in there flagship range. and deserve a Good flagship experince.

    Leaving users with half backed ZENUI Do you think this is fair enough??

    If there are no plans for future support than atleast try to make present ZENUI in system as stable as you can for smoother experince for users for there more years of use.

    Even look at the security patch it is red & old just after 6-7 days of the FOTA .123 how to buy future flagships from ASUS if support is in this manner after getting device older at some extent?

    I am on forum since 2015 and this was the very worst reply i got till date in terms of user experinces. I am sorry but i need to tell the fact.

    @Anders_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS @Titan_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS

    I hope all the issues from this thread will be addresed as we are asking for important bug fixes and not for any new major OS or any other new features.


  • You finally got to the point I said amitgarde. Asus' support is great. the only support is to ignore!

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    This is very annoying bug, which i am able to see since so long now even i have factory reset my device and it still exists. We are unable to use power master options at its full fledge. Yes you are right everytime we dissconnect the charging cable/connection,System will automatically switch to "power saving mode" instead of "balance mode" and most of the times i have observed is,this happens so quick mostly after we use smart switch options. And even sometimes after a long day usage on "balance mode" if we check back again the very next day then battery has already changed itself to power saving mode again i dont know what is the reason here. But yes this effects the notifications of few apps but for me some apps notifications work and some doesnt.

    Thanks for highlighting the issue i guess there are all 5z users who face this issue daily but havent noticed it yet...

    Power master is a daily used app which makes lots of diffrence in performance and battery usage of a device and hence this issue should be fixed.

    @Falcon_ASUS @Christine_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @Kris_ASUS @Titan_ASUS


  • yogSHyogSH Level 1

    This answer deserves a BIG LOL 😂

    If your Asus phone has bugs and isn't working then buy some other brand phone. Believe me it won't disturb normal usage pattern 🤣🤣

  • @Christine_ASUS did you verify this "power saving mode" bug? It is easy to generate after using smart switch options from "battery modes" in "powermaster"

  • DeannnnnDeannnnn Level 2

    The support of 5z coming to the end. If the bug was reported half an year ago, there may have chance to mods and devs to fix. But if a bug is found 2.5 years after the device rolled out, I’m not sure we can call it an major issue. Hope you get your fix ! 🤞🏻

  • But why dont you think the other way that even after 2.5 years of a device, system still holds a bug which are very basic functions of device this shows how developers work on older models weather its flagship or midranger doesnt matter. 😅 and above all reported bugs are reported since 8-9 months and there is no fix yet as ASUS was buzy working with there new models and old models only got security patches and slower unknown bug fixes and that is reason Zenfone 5z still has a buggy system.

    There is huge diffrence between quality updates and updates just for the sake of support extension (i.e. Security patches).

    Note for you:- Also you should note that active Support for Zenfone 5z is not just coming to an end, but it has alredy been ended. and now only pasive support is On which will be like there is no any timeline for future update for this device but i am internally discussing regarding all these bugs and yes i have got answer they might consider future update depending on what security issue or stability issue that bug causes the system.

    Also i guess you should take a look at my profile you will get every answer that what is my contribution for Zenfone 5z trying to make it as stable as it can since its launch.

    Common we own a flagship so its obvious we can expect a much stable system at this very end after 2.5 years.


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