Rog Phone 5 Overheat with Aeroactive 5 Cooler attached

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Rog Phone 5
  2. Firmware Version: WW_18.0830.2101.86
  3. Rooted or not: Not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Happened once for now
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


Playing Genshin Impact with X Mode + level 3 attached with aeroactive 5 cooler with Bypass charging mode (using original rog phone 5 Charger adapter + usb)

Suddenly a loud notification alarmed, i didn't know what happened, so after few minutes close the game and back to home screen, see notification pop out as the picture.

This is very unexpected, a Gaming Rog Phone overheated? Would really appreciate if Moderator can help explain what does the picture notification actually mean?

should I actually bring the phone to Asus Service Center? does it actually break my gaming phone because i gaming on it?



  • Last time i've seen that message Rog2 phones died left and right.

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    Nah you don't need to bring to Asus SVC

    What settings you were playing the game on and for what duration?

    If it was for long and game was on 60 fps + very high then that's very taxing for the device as it's an very intensive game and not that we'll optimised yet

    (Depends on ambient too)

  • Observe if you get this error again though while gaming sometimes it's okay though

    855 and above this is pop up is rather common on phones

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    That was a different issue altogether to be honest

    Black screen and autostart issue with Rog 2 and Zenfone 6 due to faulty motherboard hardware in some batches

    This heat pop up is very common nowadays on all devices and as he stated he was playing with bypass charging mode on that powers the internals directly and doesn't stress the battery but Imo phone and port will get heated up after a while

    Anyways 888 isn't that great with thermal efficiency

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    By the way @Slnn3R how's the device overall? Jack output and can you feel the heat while gaming? Asus did say the centred cpu might help as you don't touch the phone there mostly

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    I think maybe just Genshin Impact max graphic too taxing, i played it like 1 or 2 hours+ if nt mistaken, temp consistently stay at 55+ degree celsius or 50+ while plugged in both Aeroactive 5 cooler and bypass charging mode.

    I turn down some graphic option for genshin impact player for around 40min-1hrs remain at 50+ or 45+ degree celsius while having aero active 5 cooler and by pass charging so far no issue.

    Played soul knight around 39-40 degree celsius seem fine too for 1hours gaming session.

    I guess everything still fine at the moment, just I am kind of not content with fact that even using aero active cooler 5 that cost a ton, we still can expecting there is a game out there will cause USB Port overheat issue.

    the 3.5mm jack port is ok i guess, mostly i use Bluetooth earphone, but the jack port is a big bonus and working fine as expected.

  • Lots of bs from your side once again.

    Almost all rog2 phones are affected by this issue due to the fact of an underspecced pm8150 chip that will die over time. This issue has been found rather late in the rog2's lifecycle hence most devices don't have an updated chip. By saying it's only a batch is the same as some appletard telling us only some batches of the macbook 2011 15" had GPU issues.

    Not to mention your BS statement about the error being common in SD 855 devices. This error is specific to ASUS devices and is only common in the rog2, no rog3 user has ever complained about that error. You're basicially trolling the user at this point.

  • Return the device or get it to the service center ASAP. As I already mentioned above, this error has been seen on the rog2 and has caused tons of dead devices. if you head to the rog2 subforum you'll see tons of "black screen" topics due to underspecced pm8150 chip. Don't let others BS you and don't go for comprimise, if the phone starts spamming error messages or acts up because you're using it as a gaming phone then something is clearly wrong. I'm not saying the rog5 has the exact same issue as the rog2, but that the error you're seeing is a indicator that something will break sooner or later.

  • That pop up is normal I've seen that on many recent phones including last rog phones it's just to inform you to let the phone cool down for a bit

    OnePlus 9 pro too displays similar error of "please close the app" after just using 4k 60 for 10-15 min and while using their fast charging sometimes

    And considering you played an hour or two on the highest possible settings in a game like genshin that's normal

    And as for your aero active cooler part it does unlock level 3 and X mode + performance and cooling wise it's okay and kinda works but still not the best available cooler

    I like the headphone jack port,the additional two buttons and the kickstand on it though

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    i think about it, but i feel it still too early to say this is an faulty device, it's not even use the device for 1 week yet, the pop out warning message only happen once and nothing happen since then.

    i lower the graphic a 'little bit' for genshin, played 1 hour of genshin without charging, within 45-50 degree celsius consistently and everything seem normal though.

    I would rather use this phone to game, daily driver usage, for 1 month and monitor if there any unusual behavior again.

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    thanks for the info, i feel it kidda normal too and it is a good sign of warning to let me nt over using beyond its durability.

  • Pretty sure you made the entire rog2 forum facepalm but whatever, will be interesting to see when the device is dead and you have to fight the service center for warranty repair.

    For more of these visit the:

    But by all means, wait it out, it'll be a fun ride.

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    chill, i kidda new to these phone, since i come from pixel 2 xl phone and using it in a very light performance manner, i just not well-informed or have any experience in the 1st hand about these matters.

    anyway, thanks for you information though, warranty claim is pretty easy to handle in my country Asus Service Center, i guess i fine if something did happened, if this phone really a faulty one died after 1 year where the warranty also end,

    gotta treat this my 1st high end phone purchase experience, do a better decision next time.

    even though i still doubt this phone will died or become faulty in the coming 2 years, i guess time will tell, either i remain in Rog phone next gen phone or i just went back to Google next gen phone. simple.

    p.s. just played genshin for another 1-2 hrs with some minor downgrade of graphic option, in xmode+ lvl3, with aero active 5 cooler and in bypass charging mode.

    the temperature maintain in 50-55degree celsius, the error doesn't pop out anymore. I guess previous 55-60 degree celsius 2 hrs gaming session might really just too much.

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    Hey but this is just an "your phone port is hot just let it cool down for a bit" notification not autostart,black screen issue which plagued rog 2's

    I have even seen it once or twice on my Zenfone 5z while charging and gaming,I let ot cool for 5-10 minutes and good to go again

    It's normal for phones to warn about this

    Plus op said he played genshin on max settings for 2 hrs with bypass mode enabled

    Bypass mode only doesn't charge the battery or use it for that matter and directly powers the internals so I think over a duration a heavy game as genshin will heat up the phone and in his recent comment he did say after playing for the same duration he didn't face that pop up again

    Things like thermals depends on ambient too though

    I'm not arguing and I obviously know you have more technical information about this stuff just pointing out what I think :)

  • Yeah genshin is an very intensive game

    This year's aero active cooler is designed to directly cool the cpu

    But in bypass mode maybe the phone will be heated more while playing genshin maybe?

    Bypass essentially stops battery % at what you enabled it at but phone's internals still take power from the charger

    A game like genshin might be a little too taxing on the device after longer durations

    But again rog does fare better than other 888 powered phones

  • The warning implies citical temperatures, as already mentioned these errors are NOT normal, they imply an overheating problem. The error popped up for rog2 users as well, people ignored it and it further evolved into black screen and crashing, then into death of rog 2 phones aka the pm8150 chip. Telling them to "just cool off" is not a solution, on your phone you could make a case that its simply not designed to be under heavy load nonstop, but a gaming phone should. It's like having a PC that overheats and instead of repasting it, I'll tell the customer, "its fiiiiiinnnnnnne, just let it cool off until it's 2 late and it damaged something".

    It's ridicolous. OP can trash his phone for all I care, I just want to make sure once other users see this that they know your post is absolutely dumb.

  • As already done on your other thread, I have debunked that video quite easily as it's just dumb and wrong on so many levels the rog5 performs notably worse than the BS4 pro and red magic 6, I ahvent checked the lenovo legion dual yet, but i wouldnt be surprised if they also did a better job considering their lenovo won in terms of performance vs the rog3 back then.

    Also not "this years design", literally every rog phone cooles the SoC aka the CPU + GPU, I don't know whats wrong with you but stop spreading nonsense. It does a poor job of this thanks to the stupid design on the back with the 2nd vapor chamber, you can see more at jerryrigs video.

    Correct, bypass stops the battery from being in the circut, which makes the error even worse, because this means when charging the battery something is already close to dangerously overheat, this isn't good for the lifespan of the device to say the least. So far it indicates to another power chip that is underspecced so I expect ASUS to either get a better chip or we will have the rog2 fiesta all over again.

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    I'm seeing this a lot with other 888 powered too though the overheating part

    The Amazon reviews for that phone are filled with heating related complains

    The global sales for Rog 5 will kick off pretty soon now so I'd say let's wait and watch how it turns out hopefully this doesn't have to go the same way Rog 2 did with its motherboard issues

    If you check it out Zenfone 6 and Rog 2 (both 2019 phones) had that issue

    And true playing a game like genshin on Max settings with bypass mode probably will heat up the phone a lot

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