ZenBook 14 UM433I sleep mode fan issue

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Hey guys. Last week I bought a brand new ASUS ZenBook 14 with Ryzen 7 4700u CPU and Nvidia MX350 GPU. Everything with the laptop is good except for one issue I have.

When I put the laptop on sleep for an extended period of time (eg. over 40-60min) once it wakes up the fan is blasting on full speed and does not stop until I hibernate or turn off the system. There are no heavy processes running, CPU temperatures are just a little above ambient so it is not overheating for sure.

I updated everything I can from the Asus app, did all available windows updates, running on the latest BIOS, downloaded the AMD latest drivers from the website but the issue still exists. From what I could find online some people are experiencing the same issue and a workaround suggested is to make the laptop go to hibernate instead of sleep when you close the lid or press the power button, but it is just a workaround, does not solve the issue.

Any advice is appreciated.


  • You need to check the battery power energy report, so that we will tackle which applications are running background.

    also you should delete possible tasks registered under task scheduler.

    also disable all startup items under task manager.

    uninstall very rarely used application's.

    disable running background applications those are using battery power.

    set Startup type of unwanted services to manuall.

  • Hello Jackson,

    Please kindly understand that when the laptop is in sleep mode, most of the functions are still working, so heat would be generated, and when you close the lid, heat radiation would decrease.

    So it is very likely that when you wake the device up from sleep mode, the fan need to run at full speed to cool down the device.

    It is suggested that if you want to leave your laptop for a log time, please let it go to hibernate mode.

    Thank you.

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