Front camera still using ultra wide angle lens in 3rd party apps on A11

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I've just manually updated to the WW A11 firmware. I didn't have much hope in Asus giving us the option to use the main lens as the front camera in 3rd party apps considering that the beta testers never commented about it.

This phone was designed to give the best front camera quality. And while that is true for the stock camera app, why limit it to just that?

There are so many users that committed to purchasing this phone in the belief that they can use the main lens for social media and video conferencing apps. (Although deeper research would've lead to the same issue with the Zenfone 6).

Asus restricting it to use the cropped in ultra wide lens is even worse quality than the dedicated front cams of many other manufacturers. Even their lower tier phones have better quality front cams to be honest.

There is a way around it by flipping the rear camera over using the Flip toolbar. However, this of course leads to an upside down image. Which would be annoying to the recipient of a video call and also renders social media filters that detect faces useless unless you turn the phone upside down too (your view of your face will always be upside down).

So come on Asus, please just give us the option to default using the main lens and include a warning for high temperatures (like there is with 8k video recording) if you have to.

Make this phone truly the best selfie experience that you have marketed it to be!


  • Asd518Asd518 Level 1

    Why did I not receive Android 11 update?

  • edited March 30

    It is a staged roll out. The initial post stated that he manually updated it. He did not received it OTA. So far WW did not get an OTA ( at least I did not received it ). But there is always the option to update manually. (If the rom is available )

  • lcudstlcudst Level 1

    I'm glad to join this appeal, Asus care your users.

    I could understand videocalls, but photos or few secs videos would not overheat camera module, in my opinion.

    Apart from this, ok, you want us to use less detailed camera for security reasons, but the selfies quality is damn horrible, make something decent, at least!

  • aLcaLc Level 2

    Plz make this available. It's very important especially for gcam.

  • cvonvcvonv Level 2

    You can change the camera ID in gcam so that it can use the main lens for the front cam. It's in the gcam thread on XDA forums.

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