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  • HarishEkHarishEk Level 1

    The same happen to me, the service center told that the motherboard crashed and there is not much motherboards in the centers as there are many such cases comes to them often. Average waiting time they mentioned is 1-2 week.

  • rStarrStar Level 2

    How did you upgrade to Android 12?

    Manually (fw package from site)

    Or FOTA

    And the thing which you're saying is still a myth, I also said this very earlier that These updates are like a catalyst, your motherboard is already dying bit by bit but it gives a boost to the process. So Can't agree or disagree till asus clarify it, and I guess they'll never.

    My phone has been runing fine for 6 months, suddenly bottom speaker stopped working and after few days screen crashed with normal use and it bricked totally.

  • VclipseVclipse Level 1


    My aerocooler 5 fan is not spinning properly anymore and I don't understand why. How can I troubleshoot this?


    Рог фон 5 после обновление безпроводные наушники работают сами по себе то работает звук то звук через разговорный динамик

  • HarishEkHarishEk Level 1

    I updated it maunally with the package downloaded from the support site. I dont think there would be a difference between the package as both manually and auto versions are same. Though there is not much of a upgrade we could see except the permission and UI changes.

    I would recommend people not to update or upgrade the software versions until you are adventorous.

  • dcane004dcane004 Level 1

    Hi my rog phone 5 bottom speaker is not working i tried safe boot smni test nothing works

  • rStarrStar Level 2

    Go to service centre bro. Its motherboard related issue.

  • Teoh96Teoh96 Level 1

    my rog 5 speaker suddenly no sound, i also saw many ppl face this problem, i have restart and turn off my phone but the speaker still didn't work

  • dcane004dcane004 Level 1

    Omg again? I just got it 3 weeks ago from service center

  • rStarrStar Level 2

    Had they not pushed FOTA I'd have never upgraded..

    Check my latest thread to see how I'm suffering 😃

  • rStarrStar Level 2

    What was the issue last time?

    Yes it's possibly the main board. In my case (similar to u) they replaced the main board.

    @ExodusCODM had his both speakers dead, service centre changed this MB too

  • AvinoliAvinoli Level 1

    Hi everyone,

    I came across a post regarding wifi not turning on, I'm having this issue now. My phone updated to android version 12, and it worked fine, when suddenly, the phone stopped working, froze for 3 minutes, restarted itself, then the wifi is not turning on. I would like to ask if I still need to take this to the service center and have the motherboard replaced? or is there an other solution already to this kind of problem without going to the service center.

    I need your expert advice. Thanks in advance 😊

  • Bro Nothing's Going to Fix this issue for You.... I had my device working properly for 8 Months and All Of a sudden it's Wifi and Hotspot stopped working 2 updates before the Android 12 one...... Did ask the Brand for a refund but they denied my request and somehow Helped me by Increasing the Warranty by 1 year as a free support after replacing the Motherboard.

    Just Don't get your hopes up too High if You get your Motherboard replaced as This issue may occur to you again.

    This ain't a software defect but a hardware failure because of the Software.

  • AvinoliAvinoli Level 1

    Thank you Bro for your help. I went to the store where I bought the phone, they advised me to take the phone to the service center to have it checked and probably replace the motherboard. I'm starting to think of selling this phone after they get this fixed and buy another phone from another brand.

  • My Jio 4g VoLTE sim is not getting detected and says unknown carrier. I inserted another Jio sim and it is working. Then I replaced my Jio sim but nothing has changed. The new Jio 4g sim too is also not getting detected. Please help me 🙏

  • The Jio sim started having problems since 3 weeks when the phone got updated. Then I changed the sim to slot 2. It worked for 2 weeks but now it's completely down. I tried replacing the sim but even the new sim is not being detected

  • I made a mistake in getting Rog phone 5. Every new update something goes wrong badly.... 😤😤😤😤

  • Omg Google dun f'd it up again.

    What's with this android 12?

    Notification center and all the buttons are now phat and ugh, I didn't even update it myself, it did it overnight.

    Like, you could have warned us and asked, "Hey, this update is gonna change EVERYTHING, would you like to update??"

    Okay, there's some cool features, but like... FFFFUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRK!

  • This issue might not be necessarily due to the phone but rather due to more testing required on Google's part before pushing the v12 update.

    A quick glance on the sony xperia or samsung reddit posts contain many of the issues being mentioned here so if anything Google should've done more testing before deciding to push the v12 update.

    Good thing there's the option to simply not download/install the update when it's made available as I'll wait for 6+ months before transitioning to v12.

  • Why my fingerprint can't work after updated to android 12 (using ROG phone 5)

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