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ROG Phone 5 Discussion Thread

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Hi Zentalk,
As more and more users get their hands on the brand-new ROG Phone 5, we want to keep the forum section dedicated to technical questions and issues. General discussion threads about the ROG Phone 5 will be removed from now on and you are kindly asked to use this thread if you want to talk about the ROG Phone 5 with other users. If you encounter a bug or technical issue with your device, please create a separate thread.
As always, keep it clean and be respectful to each other. The thread will be moderated accordingly and posts that break our community rules will be removed. If you spot any bad behavior in this thread, or any other thread on Zentalk, please notify me or another moderator on our staff.
GL HF! ❤️

ROG Phone 5 | For Those Who Dare | ROG
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Здравствуйте, я сегодня купил телефон rog phone 5 и у меня лагает пабг есть все 90фпс но падает до 30 и ниже и очень часто так не было даже на Айфоне , я вроде поставил на х мод и все на производительность и все равно не решается проблема, не фризит только если маленькие карты либо мало людей осталось в живых, у меня на Айфоне 60 ФПС но вообще без лагов играл

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Is there a way to change you charging theme in Rog 5s ?
Because i try to change it from 'Theme', but it didn't work

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When will Rog 5 get it's 5G OTA UPDATE?