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I know that A11 is not far off for the zenfone 7 but why are we not getting the monthly security updates?. The last one was on the 28/1/21 Shouldn't we be getting the monthly updates?


  • Yes they understand, let me tell you that monthly Security updates may come soon after 10th march.


  • feljofeljo Level 1

    Is that a possible release date for A11 I hear? 😏

  • Wishful Thinking

  • Possibly yes, coz next update will be A11 directly as confirmed by officials for Zenfone 7/7pro so release is very close.

    stay tuned!

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    So we won't get a security update until we get both A11 and I assume the security updates we haven't received?

    I don't understand why Asus doesn't just send OTA security updates when they are available, you would think that because they are SECURITY UPDATES, they have priority.

    What if they find another bug with A11 and put it off for another month or so,then that would be about 3 security updates we are behind in

    I don't claim to be an expert but doesn't this make our phones vuneralabe?

  • Dont worry A11 when drops in, it will have latest security patch and from there after you can see security patches on monthly basis.

    Delay this time is only because they are very close to release a A11 stable version. And hopefully this will be the last delay for security patches,also it is not that having older patch can get phone easily vulnurable (infact critical security updates will be provided if they find any) . Also giving just security patches requires alot of new coding its not just copy & paste so basically instead of double work they have decided to do it directly with A11 and monthly patches continue after that.


  • Thanks for your response

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