Wi-Fi messing with Bluetooth earbuds.

Anyone else get music disruptions on their BT earbuds when passing by/staying in certain locations? Particularly one that hosts many WiFi hotspots? I get this problem all the time whenever i walk past malls/hotels on my way to work. Turning off wifi and data seem to be the fix but it's a hit or miss as i still get interruptions on certain days. I'm using Fiil T1x earbuds.


  • I do sometimes, theres one spot on my street that always causes my BT headphones (samsung iconx 2018), it also happened with my OG pixel, but they're known to have janky AF bluetooth

    There doesnt seem to be any hotspots or anything around that area, but it is under a powerline going across the road, so im not entirely sure

    but you're not alone, it does happen

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    Bluetooth operates on the 2,4 GHz band, which is where you'll also find a lot of Wi-Fi devices and other sources of potential interference. High voltage power lines can cause interference, as noticed by @botboy444. Even micro waves can mess with your connection in some cases. It's something every device operating on the 2,4 GHz has to deal with.

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