VivoBook S533EA Can't Reinstall Windows 10 No HDD Visible

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Detailed description:I have Successfully Created a Usb 3 Windows Installation USB 3 Flash Drive.

I used Rufus and made it as GPT.

It Works and the windows install Starts, But When it gets to the Setup Screen it doesn't show any HDD.

I tried Diskpart and it Says No HDD.

I thought it may need Intel Rapid Storage Drivers But they are not Listed for This Model.

I get the same problem when I try to install windows from an external dvd and a usb made as mbr.

The Laptop came with Windows 10 Home, I have Upgraded that to PRO.

The system is working fine but I just want to do a Clean Install and get rid of all The Crap that OEM's put in.


  • Start computer, press a specified key for several times to enter BIOS, and then look for your hard drive. If it is missing or invisible from BIOS (shown as None or Not detected), here are 4 possible reasons as well as countermeasures:

    •The channel for this hard drive is forbidden in BIOS, which happens especially after you add a second hard drive to system. To fix this issue, we need to turn it on or enable it.

    •Data cable or power cable of the drive is damaged or isn’t plugged firmly. Try connecting both cables again or change other cables.

    •BIOS is out of date and can’t recognize your hard disk. Try updating BIOS or driver of BIOS to the latest version.

    •The hard drive may be physically damaged. Download a disk testing tool to test the drive. If it is not detected by the tool or errors are found, you may need to contact your hard disk provider.

    After you are doing these attempts, the hard disk might be detected by BIOS, and then you can go on installing Windows. But if the disk is still invisible, you may need to contact your hard disk manufacturer for help

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