BitLocker Recovery - turned on by itself?

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  1. System: UX581GV
  2. Frequency of occurrence: Always


Detailed description:

Suddenly one morning after 11 months without troubles I cannot access my ASUS laptop anymore as it just decided to shut me out with BitLocker recovery. Microsoft support tells me all my files will now be lost. I don’t have a 48 digit PIN as I never set up or asked for a BitLocker activation on my system. And, no, there is no pin on my account @ MS either.

I am really amazed and disappointed by ASUS/Microsoft now


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    All I can do on my PC now is fiddle with BIOS and enter powershell. C-drive is blocked by BitLocker.

  • Hello Pal,

    Please kindly be informed that BitLocker is a Microsoft encryption security product, Asus neither stores nor has the ability to provide a recovery key. Asus cannot circumvent the Microsoft BitLocker Recovery key process. Asus devices are not encrypted when shipped from the factory.

    If you would like to reinstall the whole system to pass this stage, we are glad to help.

    Thank you.

  • I know this. But I never activated BitLocker and I live alone, so I wonder HOW an Asus Laptop overnight has BitLocker enabled. Was it caused by a Microsoft Update? Will it happen to others?

  • Hello Pal,

    We do see similar feedback on different model, but with different scenario.

    It could be an question to Microsoft.

    Thank you.

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