hypercharge not working

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there is a problem with my asus rog phone

i just buy it and it not even a month

and i started get soo much problems

i have a problem with charging my phone

when i connect it with the charge it came with the phone which is hypercharge

the phone won't be charged

but when i connect it to a normal charge or fast charge it start to charge i tought there maybe a problem with the charger but i try it on my other phone and it charged normaly !

the problem is on that my phone is not hypercharging anymore

how can i solve this

because when i connect the phone to another charge it go high to 40 C°

i have this question since march 2020 but i don't know why did asus stoped the reply on my question wihout solving the problem !




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    I happened to come across this thread and normally when this happens it's either because of two reasons. It could be the charger but if it charges other devices, then it's more likely that one of the two charging chips in your phone is broken. This is why it doesn't charge as soon as it recognizes hypercharge and why it accepts slower charging. I believe you've already been in contact with our service? If not, then please get in touch with them

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