ROG 3 60Hz display with Capture card

im.joybaraiim.joybarai Level 1
edited February 2021 in ROG Phone 3

When I connect my Rog 3 with Elgato Capture through USB C to HDMI my rog 3 display automatically becomes 60hz and it's unchangeable. The display becomes 60hz and it looks blurry, bad quality graphics. I want to capture my pubg mobile gameplay but I want to play the pubg mobile on 90fps... Asus says that rog 3 is a dedicated gaming phone but why doesn't it behave like low end devices? 1080p High quality screen recorder records upto 14mins pubg mobile gameplay. Display becomes 60hz when I connect with capture card... Oneplus devices aren't dedicated gaming phone. But they don't do low end works... Then why a dedicated gaming phone do this? What's the solution of these stuffs?



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