Android 11 is draining the battery

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  1. Model Name: Asus 6z (Zenfone 6)
  2. Firmware Version: WW_18.0610.2101.127
  3. Rooted or not: not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: daily
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):


Ever since I upgraded to Android 11 the battery is draining very fast. Android System takes up too much battery. I used to get more than 10 hours Screen on Time before and now I get barely 5 hours. I'm also on Power Saving Mode.

Screenshot attached.



  • This problem will get solved after you factory data reset your device 1nce on latest A11 as this will wipe every possible bug carry forwarded from A10

    I faced same scenareo when A10 came in for 5z and probably i started getting better SOT only after factory data reset

    Please dont worry there is no problem with your battery as you can clearly see Android system bugging alot same case with me in A10 on my 5z so factory reset as early as possible and you will not be dissappointed

    Note :- please dont forget to backup your important data before you factory data reset


  • Similar happening with my phone. Since upgraded to Android 11 battery is used faster. Before I could easily reach the end of the day with 40% battery, but know is very common to be 15%...

    Note: I did a fresh install of Android 11.

  • i am getting good back-up with A11 (i uninstalled the application which i used most during this cycle that's why it's not showing )

  • I am facing this same problem. I couldn't understand which connection between the A11 and the battery drain. I was following the apps that consume the most, but I couldn't finish anything.

  • I am also facing huge battery drain I am just getting near to 6 hrs sot which was 7-8 hours with heavy usage in android 10 so need update to optimise battery life @Anders_ASUS

  • I face the same isssue. My battery was able to last 2 days with no problem. With Android11 it lasts only 1 day. Is there any solution? Factory reset helps?

  • I was draining about 10% overnight but it has dropped to 1-2% after factory reset.

  • Yeah i also did a factory reset therefore discharge due to standby time decreased but still the battery is draining faster hope it will improve by future updates

  • Facing the same issue here. Was using the beta version earlier and the phone was functioning fine.

    Did a factory reset when the final build was launched and the battery drain is present ever since.

    Guess an update is required to reduce the Android System battery drain.

  • The same here. The phone was fine until last update .127. Now Android System is draining almost all battery in few hours.

  • The phone was charged until 90% and used for less than 1 hour. After 4 hours the Android System drained a lot of the battery.

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    1.Charge it to 100% once and overcharge it for 20-25 min or leave it plugged in with scheduled charging for the night

    See if that improves your sot

    2. Else try following these recalibration steps

    3. If the above steps don't help you can lastly try an factory reset

    Just an FYI check if any rogue application is draining battery in the background

  • Dear Averan,

    I think the people write here are experienced users and use this channel as last resource. All you wrote here are of no benefit. The phone was fine after the Android 11 update and after the update .127 one week ago it is a fierce battery consumer. The Android System is consuming a lot now and it is not related to any application. Some Asus services are draining a lot of power now.

    Yesterday I rolled back to Android 10 and now, after 6 hours of use, Android System has drained only 2% from the battery, not 30% like Android 11.


  • I confirm, android 11 destroys the battery, hey moderators need an update because it uses up the battery too quickly

  • After the latest update i.e WW_18.0610.101.132 happy to report that the battery drain issue is resolved. Also uninstalled Android Wear. Getting 2 day battery backup now since.

  • I'm waiting for this update so I still have the version ..... 127

  • the battery is discharging faster and faster

  • update ...... 132 fixed the battery problem, thank you

  • Indeed. Battery issues seem now better.

  • For me battery backup is good

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