Zenfone 5z battery drain

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I m facing battery drain issue after recent fota update.

Pls help resolve.



  • Please backup your important data and factory reset your 5z to fix this drain issue as i can see some bug is triggering software to misbehave with battery consumption and definetly its software and not hardware so please follow below steps 👇

    Settings>system>Reset options>erase all data

  • Tried factory reset but still issue persists. Are we expecting any fota to fix this bug.

  • May or may be not...! According to devs battery consumptions seems to be normal with .110 even i shared logs and they still find it as normal consumption but dont worry we are still discussing internally if they find somemore things in logs

    And let me tell you that after looking at your SOT that seems like bug for me and that should definately go after factory reset but if still exists than that seems like hardware issue or i guess battery health may have been reduced till date so please take your device to nearest service centre as early as possible and let them examine your battery health as well as device

    Note :- please dont forget to backup your important data before you submit your device to nearest service centre


  • After factory reset and usage of few hours ,now it appears there is improvement in battery backup.

  • According to u and some other people here, the problem is always in our devices. Not in the software. Thank u for understanding us too much. We r happy with the effort of devs, they r doing to provide the updates. But still u guys keep saying that our devices r faulty. Let's assume that if 1 or 2 person facing the battery drain problem, then we can say that their device has problem, or it is hardware problem. But when most of the usres are facing same problem after the fota, hpw can u say that it's a device problem. Same problem can't occurs at same time in so many devices, as devices can't set a meeting and decide to have same problem at same time. When i Posted a query for drainage problem and battery change, there i no single query raised for it and u guys easily said that get the battery changed from care. But after that many complaints came regarding same battery drainage after fota, then u said devs r working on it and now again u r saying that it's a device problem, do the factory reset n all. Once again thank you so much for understanding us that much.

  • Battery drain totally varies from user to user according to me in .110 your device should not hesitate to give a SOT of 5hrs 15 min which i get daily for normal usage and as you are saying i keep always suggesting people factory reset or hardware yes because you can see that above user was facing a sevear battery drain where he was getting only 1 hrs 30 min SOT and hence i can clearly guess what exactly is the problem look at the above comments even user agreed that his battery have improved after factory reset so i am not wrong note this.

    Also as our devices are more than 2 years old now battery health is main concern which may have reduced to some extent where every user has diffrent usage patterns and so battery health also varies and SOT differs.

    I am not a mod or affilated to Asus i am just a normal user where i always try to support and help users however i can and also try to share information to users which we get from internal sources regarding stability of 5z


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    But where's the answer for, why mostly users started facing problem of battery draining after the FOTA? Not before but every user complaining is few days after the FOTA received. Go and check all the discussion started by user, when did they started facing battery drainage problem? Or should i do it for you?

  • If you really want to help, then do share this battery drainage problem after FOTA with mods & devs, so that they can look for it, whether there's a prob or not. As sooner, we all stop getting any update. Do share this prob with mods & Devs so that they can fix it in a single patch, they don't have to work differently for this problem, if it persists. If ur device is working fine doesn't means no one will face the problem. Majority is facing battery drainage. So please share it with mods & devs if they listen to u. Do this help if u want to. Thank you so much.

  • I think you simply speak anything, why dont you read above comments and than type before you start blaming i have already done everything since 2 FOTA'S we spend months and days to discuss on same battery drain topic so before pointing out try to read discussions thoroughly 👇

    And i have done it for every user till date watever the issue they face i try to share troubleshooting steps and if i see same issue with my 5z as well than i directly raise it to mods and i have got answers to every raised issue and those same answers i try to share with users

    you have no right to teach me what i should do and what not...! You try doing it your own way if you think you are so smart enough to guide people and solve issues lol..

  • We have shared logs several times and this topic is on since .92 update. And mods are trying their best but they didn't found any issues with battery backup and they too have tested battery backup several times with their devices and we have shared our logs several times to them but they didn't find any issues at all. So the main thing is sometimes battery backup depends upon your battery health too. Personally I have changed my 2.5 year old battery with newer one and now I m getting 6hrs easily. Previously I used to get around 4hrs to 4:30hrs but now I m getting 6hrs. Sometimes more than 6hrs depends upon usage.

    So everytime it's not about the software because they have fixed almost all bugs of 5z and u should appreciate that and they are still searching if any other bugs left and they are trying their 100% to make 5z bug free so if really there is a bug in battery then surely they would have fixed it but the fact is even if after trying several times they didn't find any issues so how can they fix it? So I would request u to visit your nearest service center and check your battery health if they find any issues they will replace your battery.


  • From where you got new battery.Whats the cost? How much backup new battery is giving?

  • I replaced my battery at Asus service center and it costs Rs 1350(Rs 850 battery+ Rs 500 Service charge).

  • Getting an sot of 2.5 hours. Have reset my phone several times battery is 1 year 2 months old. I think we do have a software issue. Honestly how much sot are you guys getting on average? I don't even game.

  • I get 4-5hrs sot at an average

    I charge upto 100% then over charge for 20-25 minutes extra this seems to improve my overall sot a bit

    Best way is to use scheduled charging for overnight charging imo

    Stats are sometimes kinda wrong tho for example it's showing 5% for reddit that's an battery calculation error

  • SOT for last charge cycle with continous HDR videos for 28 minutes and mobile data continously ON with dual sim. I overcharge my 5z for an hour after 100% with scheduled charging and this helps me to get 5hrs/5hrs 30 min SOT.

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    Its very less tbh because I m getting 6hrs on an average and your battery is 1year old so u must get atleast 5 hours. If possible please visit nearest service center and check your battery health. I guess your battery health has decreased a lot. Do one thing backup all your files and visit your nearest service center and they will check your battery health and they will change your battery if needed.

  • Overcharging the battery is strictly bad. Don't do it guys. Avoid overcharging your phone.

  • This is too much! 27% for Android system?? Try a factory reset, surely gonna help to some extent.

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