Zenfone 7 - poor phone call quality

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Hi. Having used my new Zenfone 7 device for a few days I immediately notice really bad performance in phone call quality (over gsm only, it works great otherwise - over Skype or WhatsApp voice). As I found out that seems to be the common problem here in Poland across all available carriers and many Z7 users have been reporting this issue. Mobile carriers redirect users to Asus Poland and Asus tech support claim they don't know anything about the issue and if I find my particular device flawed I should send it to them for possible repair.

Can anyone tell me if there's anything that can be done about the issue? Is there any hope?


  • When you say "really bad", do you mean low sound quality or do mean that reception is bad (words disappear). I can imagine there's no VoLTE so maybe this is the root cause. That you expect similar quality as when talking via instant messaging apps?

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    Quality of sound is like in phones 20 years ago or even worse. It's unacceptable even in low range phone. 7 Pro, that I have, is Asus' flagship and it's quite expensive. Please, do something about it, because you loose customers.

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