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Please Helppp!! Where can I find parts

Saya secara tidak sengaja menjatuhkan Zenfone 7 pro saya dan memecahkan kaca kamera saya .... Saya sangat kecewa kerana baru sahaja membelinya. Saya dari Malaysia dan saya memesan telefon dari penjual yang mendapatkannya dari luar negara. bolehkah se...

ZenFone 7 Pro Thermal Throttling Issue

after other tests, i realized that the asus zenfone 7 pro is presenting serious problems with performance drops in the game genshin impact ... i decided to use a "CPU Throttling Test" app in it I could see how stable the Motorola Edge Plus has rema...

screenshot-20210107-210818.png img-20210107-211401-537.jpg

Zenfone 7 - software updates

As a user coming from an iPhone, never having owned an Asus device, one of my concerns is the software longevity. Can anyone tell me what updates in terms of new Android versions as well as security patches can I expect from Zenfone 7? I can see the ...

immersum by Star II
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Feedback ZenFone 7 Pro

ZenFone 7 Pro, device is incredible, enjoy his software and especially the cameras. But there are two points that I believe you could implement in the next updates. First point is the GPU drivers, xiaomi has already implemented the automatic update f...

Genshin Impact Lag issue

I've been realizing that the game genshin impacts with the settings at a maximum of 60fps, the game gives a lot of dropframes and lag's. Which wasn't supposed to happen, since my zenfone 7 Pro has a Snapdragon 865 Plus. I believe that some bad opti...

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ZenFone 7 headphones

I just got my ZenFone 7 and I do love it but was surprised to find no headphones. I was aware that it didn't have a 3.5 jack but I thought it would have a USB adaptor like the pixel 5 has. Am I missing it in my box or do they all come without one ?

Roystoys by Zen Master III
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Asus ZenFone 7 Pro

I am from Malaysia, I just got my Asus ZenFone 7 Pro. Good and very stylish .. especially the flip camera very different from other android phone..

Data Usage/Monthly Cycle

Hey Guys, I was trying to setup my billing cycle so that I can have tracking of my data usage, but I can't find that option, under the wifi option I can't configure my data cycle, do you know how to do that?

wirazo by Star II
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Enroll in the beta test just hanging

Hi everyone,Sorry if this was already discussed but I couldn't find any reference while searching.Today I purchased my Zenfone 7 and I'm keen to update to Android 11 via the beta enrolment program.The problem is that once I click the Settings -> Enro...


Gesture Navigation

There is a drawback when activating gesture navigation. There is still a large space taken from the bottom of the screen when typing with the keyboard or when playing PUBG.