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Please enable 90fps on pubg mobile!

Hey asus the ZenFone 7 pro are using 90hz display with powerful Snapdragon 865+ why you can't enable the 90fps option?

Kautsar by Star II
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Is there any way to add notification icons for Always-on Panel?

I don't see there being much point of have the display always on (costing battery charge) if it only going to show the time, date and battery percentage.It would be much more useful if it could also show just the icon for the app that has a new notif...

Disappointed, strong rainbow effect on a white background

Just got Zenfone 7 Pro a couple of days ago. Otherwise a great phone but then I found out that the super amoled screen has a strong rainbow effect on a white background, even if you only slightly tilt the screen or look at the screen from the side. B...

bonaqua by Star II
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Zenfone 7 scheduled charging issues

When I activate the option, and set it from 16:00 to 7:00 (next morning), I get notification that says "Dynamic charging will be activated from 13:05 to 21:00". I don't know why it doesn't work. Also when I activate slow charging, get the notificatio...

PUBG Mobile

Why not activate 90Hz in the PUBG Mobile settings, knowing that it has been activated in the phone settings

Bug : Recent apps appears zoomed in

Hello, some times the recent apps menu appears zoomed in like if the the recent apps menu did not showing Each app appears full screen ( zoomed in compared to normal recent apps showing method) and i can swipe left or right to change app. The behavi...


Zenfone 7/7 pro earphone issue

Just wanna ask, can zenfone 7/7pro compatible with type-C earphone. (Directly plug the earphone into type-C port of the phone). Or it has to connect via the type-C to 3.5mm adaptor. Since i have lost the adaptor.