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Battery drain

A few days ago I got the Zenfone Pro 7, hoever, I feel like the battery is draining way too fast. I had charged it up to 80% as I prefer that over full-charging the phone, and for the next 3 hours it had drained around 50% (from 80 to 31) while it m...


MMS to iPhone

Hello , I cannot send MMS ( picture ) to the iPhone from my Zenfone7 PRO . Can you please suggest an application or setup which supports it ? Thanks . Piotr

kawka16 by Star I
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Jak wyłączyć zegar

Jak wyłączyć zegar który wyświetla się jako wygaszacz po uśpieniu telefonu?

tajfunx by Star I
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Where to buy Asus Zenfone 7 Pro?

Hi,I'm from Bangladesh, and I know that Zenfone 7 Pro is neither available officially nor unofficially. But I very much like to have one. I looked in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines ASUS Website but it seems it's not available.Can someone ple...

Squared shadow white screen under sunlight

Hi, Today I noticed when I was watching a white screen, under direct sunlight, a squared shadow, in the same position as in the picture below, have you guys noticed the same? I don't know whether it's a defect or something else. Obviously, I was hard...

wirazo by Star II
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VoLTE and VoWIFI in Germany

Asus' handling of the topic VoLTE and VoWIFI is simply disappointing. I bought an Asus Zenfone 7 Pro which wasn't exactly cheap and has the claim to be in the upper class. After more than 2 months there is still no provider supported in Germany, also...

new feature request: disable direct share

Hi,is it possible to add a feature to disable contacts in direct share? For example like Samsung. The direct share don't works good. It always recommends false people.Thank you

File manager - safe - hidden files

Hello, is in Zenphone 7 PRO still a filemaneger with a vault feature?V Zenphone 5z je.Sorry for my english.Thanks

PavelS by Star I
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