Audio file popping after transfering from pc trought usb c to my zenfone 6.

zarnovicanazarnovicana Level 1
edited February 2021 in ZenFone 6

So I have lately this issue going on with my asus zenfone 6. After latest update every audio file that I tranfer trough cable to my phone from my pc makes popping noises randomly across the tracks....I was curious so I switched to a new cable but the issue doesnt seem to stop. I tried to copy audio tracks from my phone (that were already there, not the ones which I had problem with) to pc and they were completely fine when I guess its just a one way issue with copying files from pc to phone.....dont know why this happens....but im sad, cause i dont even have the phone for a year...and data transfer trought usb c is important for me. (And yeah, when transfering the files wirelessly to phone from pc...they work normal)

PS: I also checked my headphones so I definitely know that there is not problem with them



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