Request on Phone Call Volume, please

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Asus Rog Phone 3 Strix
  2. Firmware Version: ww-17.0823.2012.122

Hello, good day.

I was wondering, sometimes call volume is not loud enough specially in noisy environments, so i wanted to do a request if i may, please.

One of 3 options for this request:

1 - Increase a little bit the Max Volume levels for Phone Calls.

2 - Add Phone Calls to the Outdoor Mode, that way it would be optional if the sound is increased or not by our needs.

3 - If there is any way of manually doing this.

Of course i would prefer the 2 first options, the 3rd only being for a last resort.

Can i please ask for this little tweak? 🙂.

Only this, because everything else about this phone i have no regrets and i recommend it to anyone 👍.

Have a nice day,

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  • Anyone? 🥺.

    Best Regards,


  • Yeah good luck with that. In my experience, no one here actually cares about user requests. I have already asked these stinking ROG personnel for some minor feature adjustments a few months ago and they still haven't done anything. Sure, the mods will tell you they "forwarded" it but then nothing will happen.

  • Looks like you're wright, till now no answers.

    Even if i were to do it manually with root, looks like nobody has figured out a working way to do this yet.

    There should be an option to increase volume levels when on noisy evironments, conpanys keep forgeting about that and only put minor volume levels like we only get calls at home, it's sad.

    1. I'm not sure about how it is regarding the receiver/earpiece but with headphones there's as maximum volume/amplification we're not allowed to go above. A limit set by the EU and applies to most of the world since we use the same FW for most countries.
    2. This would fall below point .1
    3. nope

    We do forward and these suggestions are always considered by our devs. Most of our battery care features come from our users

  • Hello Anders_Asus, how are you?. Thanks for replying.

    1 - Yes there is a limit on headphones volume, but to be honest i think that things were done on the contrary, CallSpeaker with Low Volume and Headphones with Very High Volume, on most phones Call Volume is High and Speakers + Headphones are low to not hurt the ears, this phone is the opposite, very hogh volume on headphones and the important thing on a phone "calls" is a little low, lower than midrange phones that i used over the years, it sounds strange to have a Powerful Media Phone that lacks on the volume on the most important thing "calls".

    2 - Yes it would, but if it is still possible to legally increase the volume, please suggest it, this is a wonderfull phone, it's sad that the only thing in it's way were to be "calls" volume.

    3 - actually there is, but it would require rooting, and i saw comments that messing around with values on mixerpaths isn't working for them, so that's out of question. Better to wait for some help if it may be.

    Best Regards

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