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Since long and even after 3 subsequent updates the rog 3 has this issue with the refresh rate very frequently changes by itself from 60 to 120hz. And the option to change is grayed out. Please help. Is the ASUS team even aware of this ? Or even this can't be fixed like the black crush issue ?



  • Hi,

    This was fixed long back.

    Can you share a video once its greyed out and also share the App you are using.

    Make sure you are on latest software version which is .122 if not, you can check by

    Go to setting => System => About => Software information.

  • Fixed long ago... This is how you sort things out.. you mods delusionaly set yourself on the mindset that All is well. Whereas we keep suffering from your incompetent software updates. How much lower could you asus guys fall... 50000 rs device amoled has shitty cobtrast. Refresh rate switching by itslef and you guys don't even know whether it's fixed or not... What do you guys do.. drink and keep high all day long ?

  • My refresh rate doesn't switch by its self, but instead of being spoonfed everything out of the box and expecting "tHe MoSt PeRfEcT eVeR" look into it.

    I KNOW that my refresh rate gets grayed out but ONLY when gaming, because the game genie controls the refresh rate.

    Maybe research a little further instead of getting mad at the developers because you're too incompetent to take the time into looking into something instead, instead you waste the time whiteknuckle keyboarding "GAMING PHONE COMPANY BAD :^("

    Makes you look INCREDIBLY entitled and definitely not a person who this phones' marketed for

  • ADHADH Level 2

    Don't show your Moral values and manners here . This isn't your home . You own a Phone not whole company . I also own the same phone i never encountered this issue so it's better to check your installed apps and permissions of system apps . You literally have zero knowledge and start shouting here . Mods are also humans just like us non of their fault if you ruin your device yourself .

    Please do consider respecting others .

    Happy new year .

  • Had the problem too, try check if you activated battery custom mode, if yes go back to default settings

  • Could you tell us that the Asus company in software updates is not going to implement the function of the selective screen frequency for each application separately? With the ability of the user to choose which program he wants to work in the modes he needs.

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    You can already set which refresh rate to use for each game.

    As per @ARP_ASUS message, "Can you share a video once its greyed out and also share the App you are using."

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    No need to own a company to share his feeling brother when you say Don't show your Moral values and manners here than what is your reply your not an authorized lawyer or respective here your to a one phone owner each and every asus phone buyer can have a rights to react when he face an issue,

    mods customer care services services center employees all are humans only so what my dear , when issue faced mods are need to address should not declare it was fixed long back which is improper response in my view,

    you should get understand of one thing that dont back the company or mods or customer care services or chat services or services center services they trained to be cool and address the issue by customer so your job is not to fight with the person who is aggressive lets mod will handle it

    And how your using your phone dude when you sent the refresh rate to 144 than check with dark mode almost all black supported apps are getting gray i wondered you very knowledgeable person did not observed yet ? , i hope you degraded one of our user that he dont have knowledge what kind of knowledge you have do let me know i think your traning from asus is to be a part of forum like user and blast everyone who questions asus good job work at home option ,

    when you asking someone not to shout than you should follow the same, like you peoples who asus make mods and than duplicate accounts with 2 to 4 accounts so unofficial saying users than and blast and fire them with not to ask any thing 60,000 rs phone user has no right to question and shout because asus plan like this by gifting you something to degrade customers

    Also you try to make a screen recording when we set the refresh rate to 144 it automatically switch to 90 or 60 for recording thats the asus software my dear , if any one abuse than ban him or blast him even I will join but dont order or demand anyone to be cool all the time.

    freedom of speech is for everyone not for any specials one like you, also please follow practice what you preach

    I am a user of asus since Asus Zenfone 2 initially i was activate in the forums but after seeing the paid actors I have ingored the forum but when I browsing I saw your message to a customer which is very painful may be he latterly feel why should be posted in forums


  • ADHADH Level 2

    Hello there :)

    No one seized your freedom of speech here but the fact no one gave you freedom to act rude and abusive here .

    You are always welcome to explain your issue anytime but try to be little polite .

    For 144fps settings it's basically for some games , if you want to use basic things like browsing or playbacks than 60-90 is best . Yes 144fps do wash out colours and Greys but it's nature of display . Imagine a led pixel in display rendering 144 colors/frames in 1 secs . That's why do prefer low hz for basic use .

    I know mods replied with fix long time ago , he/she just reflected the patch notes by asus company and mentioned that it's not for every user. Also at the end they still asked you for screen recording for testing purpose

    Be polite,

    Thank you .

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    That s what my dear I asked you to do the same thing practice what you preach if you feel he is rude to the mod than I feel you rude to him why you act , also freedom of speech is to express all , I never mentioned abuse read properly , rude and aggressive is feel of everyone you have no right to stop. if his message has that much issue mods will block him or ban him why your over reacting to it, get to know meaning of freedom of speech as i said dont try to become asus Hitler because , customer should express there feeling nothing bad on it,

    You have a knowledge than become youtuber try to gain subscribers here every individual has the right to question when improper reply receive he would be little bit rude mods and cc are trained to be polite and answer

    Why did you become very rude on him , you should not become Hitler asus respective , you can educate him thats a different thing that person has all the right to demand and be rude if he unhappy with mods reply, lets mods deal with him you have no rights to ask him or me to be polite

    You will feel that pain when you get answered by unknown person and getting degraded and instructing him to be polite , my humble request you to please be polite towards your forum members not with only mods , ( Rude is different and aggressive is different what I feel is his aggressive towards the reply not rude, even being rude not mean bad and if you defended its not mean good.

    My feeling of your message to him is purely a profit game or asus made some paid actors very simple because when I have read his message I feel the pain, when readied yours seen mods has 2nd account to counter to him.

    I am an profession where every my client will blast on me when I didn't make they work on time dones mean than dont respect me, its means its important work than the respect , I to have respect on you and mods asus other entire India so what when we cant express our aggressive when it has to be express ,thats means we are died every feeling has to be respected ether love or rude even our mother cant be polite all the time, all humans bro if one is rude other has to make him cool or leave him alone, mods will take care your hurting and making scare every one not to question mods I feel I made my point if you understand good if not than to good I will follow you.

  • ADHADH Level 2

    Hi again ,

    You can ask any doubt in forum and yes everyone have right to ask .

    You can PM me anytime if i can help you with anything .

    Good day .

  • Thank you bro , I will PM you , when I need to get some subject.

    Good day.

  • I have been OnePlus user for 4 years and been an active member of their community and red cable club. They have a very responsive community with a very very customer friendly attitude. Only for the first time here at asus I felt lots of asus mods/whatever they are disguised here as users. Whenever you pick out their fault they start defending with all they can as if they have no other job. Which they don't obviously.

    And about being polite I have posted my problems days after days and for months without any fix the most known bugs. Asus launcher keeps stopping, bogus lcd contrast in all irrespective of refresh rate at slight higher brightness, and so on and so forth. And what does the devs do... They enables volti in Malaysia,Hong Kong,Japan etc... When every user is eagerly waiting for a fix they release vowifi for Japan with slight improvement in gray.

    Its better to treat them like dogs if they are incompetent. People incompetent at their jobs are not shown any respect anywhere in any field. And to show the level of their incompetence they hide themselves in forum disguised as users.

    It doesn't matter if a si gle user shows you respect if you are worthy the whole community and all of the users will just love you devs... But they don't.. incompetent useless idiots. Even in other forums I have noticed this sort of response. Despite repeated BEGGING no mods or devs respond more than once in any thread. Bugs and glitches continue to persist. And you expect respect.. 😂😂😂 and someone somewhere said in this thread I ruined my device... Nice response ASUS.

    And ADH I may not own the company but I can atleast afford to do so. Because I am good at what I do. In my field. Why don't we meet someday and see who has more manners and who kisses the dirt...

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    It is actually better representing themselves as ASUS mods because it is easier when they have respond properly and the people who don't respond back properly, you know who the trouble causers are. I know what I would do when I finish my working hours - I finish when it's time for me to finish. Now you are coming up with accusations that some people are disguising themselves as a user to defend the company.

    By the way, @ARP_ASUS already answered your query. Please respond back with the video of the issue still happening. If not, I think the ASUS guys here can assume this is no issue and can be closed?

  • I will upload the next time it happens. Noted..!

  • In this case YouTube is open and refresh rate is stuk at 60. Most often when it happens its stuk at 120hz. Settings is grayed out and can't be changed either. System is updated as are all the apps.

  • If you remove YouTube from armoury crate it'll let you change the refresh rate

    as far as im aware, theres no way to "override" or change the Hz if an app is running through Armoury Crate, unless its done via the game genie

  • just watched the video, it could also be because you're screen casting, which (im assuming) will lock the HZ at 60

  • I am not screen casting. During screen recording the icon turn on by itself

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