How is the .122 firmware?

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Should i just stick to .99 or update to .122? Are there any significant improvements about the display, performance, battery, etc.?

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    Well to answer your question,

    Performance:- Nothing changed. It's intact, blazingly fast, no stuttering. All good here.

    Display:- yes, they have withdrawn the overlay and the blacks have returned at high brightness. But somehow in youtube the overlay is still there I think. When I played some HDR videos it's turning gray on YouTube. Don't know about OTT platforms. But, the improvement is noticeable. You'll see the crushing at some places, but at most of the dark areas it'll soften the blacks which is very eye soothing. So, overall a thumbs up for that.

    Battery:- I never faced any problem here. I used to get around 6hrs of SOT with 90hz always on and battery charged up to 80%(I don't charge my phone to 100% very often) and brightness around 35-40% most of the time. Even after the update I didn't face any issues here, but I can tell that after a few more cycles.

    Slow charging bug:- I never faced this issue. Slow charging has been working flawlessly in my device from the beginning. I was scrolling through the forum and many users have reported that this update has fixed the slow-charge issue.

    Widevine Issue:- I'm fine here also, but many have reported that they were downgraded automatically after updating to this latest version. So, it's good to say that this issue has not been fixed.

    Sound:- no major change. Loud and clear.

    Call quality:- Definitely improved. I used to get complaints from the recipients that I was not Audible,but since last update, that's not the case. It's all good. (Or you can switch to Google dialler. I'm using it and it's pretty awesome.)

    Addition:- December security patch, An option to enroll in a11 beta (right now it's not working,but it will once they activate their servers.)

    So, there you go; details regarding the new update. If you need to know anything else, just let me know and I'll try to answer it.


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