How is the .122 firmware?

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Should i just stick to .99 or update to .122? Are there any significant improvements about the display, performance, battery, etc.?

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    Well to answer your question,

    Performance:- Nothing changed. It's intact, blazingly fast, no stuttering. All good here.

    Display:- yes, they have withdrawn the overlay and the blacks have returned at high brightness. But somehow in youtube the overlay is still there I think. When I played some HDR videos it's turning gray on YouTube. Don't know about OTT platforms. But, the improvement is noticeable. You'll see the crushing at some places, but at most of the dark areas it'll soften the blacks which is very eye soothing. So, overall a thumbs up for that.

    Battery:- I never faced any problem here. I used to get around 6hrs of SOT with 90hz always on and battery charged up to 80%(I don't charge my phone to 100% very often) and brightness around 35-40% most of the time. Even after the update I didn't face any issues here, but I can tell that after a few more cycles.

    Slow charging bug:- I never faced this issue. Slow charging has been working flawlessly in my device from the beginning. I was scrolling through the forum and many users have reported that this update has fixed the slow-charge issue.

    Widevine Issue:- I'm fine here also, but many have reported that they were downgraded automatically after updating to this latest version. So, it's good to say that this issue has not been fixed.

    Sound:- no major change. Loud and clear.

    Call quality:- Definitely improved. I used to get complaints from the recipients that I was not Audible,but since last update, that's not the case. It's all good. (Or you can switch to Google dialler. I'm using it and it's pretty awesome.)

    Addition:- December security patch, An option to enroll in a11 beta (right now it's not working,but it will once they activate their servers.)

    So, there you go; details regarding the new update. If you need to know anything else, just let me know and I'll try to answer it.


  • Cool. I've always hated that bug. Everytime i turn up the brightness, the blacks get brighter too which is annoying because i really liked how the bezels just blend with the black bars. This is a selling point for me.

  • What is a11?

    And i am having 7hours and sometimes more with 144hz with 70-80% brightness with charging 100% to 10% so i can expect around 8hr sot with 100% discharge (with single sim and 50-50 time data and wifi respectively with no gaming on battery and only using bypass charging while gaming)

    Battery life was never an issue

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    Agree with what gugul said. But for me downside is my sound output mechanism is screwed after the update. When I plugin my earphones it doesn't get detected. I know this is a software issue since I used a 3rd party app like audioswitch to change the output channel and it's working fine. Wonder what's going on here.

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    Disabling hw overlay will give true blacks as before. Atleast tint is gone. Below is a good video for testing. Enable 4k.

  • I feel the same and mine got to 11 hrs SOT on a full discharge. 144hz, 100% brightness, WiFi on, flashlight on (auto-closed at 15%), YouTube playing Mr. Bean for 11 hrs straight overnight and speaker volume at 10% since i was trying to sleep. This was for a battery calibration test i did a month ago.

  • Tint wasn't much of a problem. Only on low brightness, YouTube gets a redish tint and even more severe black crush. As much as i hate watching in high brightness, it's the only way to avoid these issues.

  • The display is better for me in .122 I got a screenshot in .99 that I viewed a picture pure black no details and now I tried to see the same picture, I see the greyscale better and it actually shows the details in it.

  • I think black crush issue is still existing after new update also. I don't think they have worked on it and it's been already 5 months since they released the phone. But they are not solving it quick.

  • One bug i found after the update is the notifications for sms messages. Previously I had these bugs on older firmware but a factory data reset would solve this, however after the update there is no sound or pop up notifications even after formatting the device 3 times. Anyone has this issue? Any fix for this would be very much appreciated. Thanks

  • Would it be helpful if we could highlight the problems / improvements we are facing in the new firmware by first stating our phone version; Tencent and non-Tencent? Understand that most Tencent units is flashed to the Global ROM, so perhaps we can trace the problem through the ROM version? For example mine is the non-Tencent unit, and the only issue i am facing is the Black Crush display. My Widevine is L1 and my battery discharge seems to be normal. Other than the Black Crush issue, I don't have any problems with unit which is currently on .99

    Am holding off the update until more non-Tencent users can verify that the Black Crush problem has improved and that the Widevine level is still L1

  • I have the global version, non tencent.

    I can see now there is a subtle overlay still over youtube, it seems to tuned the gray scale better, especially better on dark area. No longer it is just all black, and not too much black crush too on my screen. Although I think my screen may be better since I don't notice it too much originally.

    I tested using this hdr video

    around 1:30 when it says,

    What you thought was black...isn't. This is pure black.

    I can now see some grayish turn to pure black now! Best if I turn brightness around 60%

    Anyway I this version of grey tunning, little enhancement but not too much, good job asus!!

  • I am showing this video to everybody from the first day

    There are still grey in full brightness instead of black and no tradition from grey to black in youtube buy when you see the same video on chrome then video shows perfect transition from grey to black becoz chrome dont support hdr

    There is some issues with sdr to hdr in this device thats why Netflix hdr content sucks and YouTube's as well but non hdr are average (not the best though)

  • Display is good ....what ????

    Have u seen the level of black crush after the update ...??

    I have no words for you ... literally..

    I am fed up with this device and asus as well...

    watch the batman trailer at 30% brightness...😔😔😔

  • Nowhere did he specifically say "Display is good". The comment implies it improved with the update but display was NEVER good in the first place. And to give you an advice - don't watch dark scenes using low brightness (60% and below) or else, you get black crush.

  • C'mon man, you read the whole thread and all you could extrapolate was,"the display was good?" 😑😑.

  • Okay but it's not better then the previous update crush is more visible now ....(at any brightness)

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