ZenScreen Go MB16AHP - Frozen / Power Button Unresponsive

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  1. System: ZenScreen Go
  2. Battery or AC: Battery and AC
  3. Model: MB16AHP
  4. Frequency of occurrence: This is the second time it happened.
  5. Reset OS:
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:In the first time the monitor froze I waited a couple hours until the battery was drained and the monitor started working again. Now, after a full charge the monitor is frozen again and the power button is unresponsive with a green/yellow light on. If there a way to force the monitor to turn off?


  • Hello Max,

    When this happen, is it when your laptop or desktop wake up from sleep mode?

    Thank you.

  • Yes. The two times it happened was when my laptop wake up from sleep mode.

    I tried making my laptop sleep and wake up again with the monitor connected and it didn't work. =/

  • Hello Max,

    What brand or model is your laptop?

    and how do you connect the laptop to the MB16AHP? HDMI to Type C? any Hub?

    when the issue happen, does your laptop itself wake up normally but the MB16AHP does not?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Blake,

    I have a lenovo ideapad 330. I connect the MB16AHP to my laptop by using the HDMI cable that came with the MB16AHP. I also connect the USB-C to my laptop and use it only to charge the MB16AHP.

    When the issue happened my computer woke up normally and the MB16AHP did not wake up.

    I also tried connecting MB16AHP to my wife's macbook pro and to my ps4 and turn the dispositives on/off a few times, but the MB16AHP did not turn on.

    Is there a way to force the MB16AHP to turn off without having to wait until the batteries are completely drained?


  • Hello Max,

    May you try to press Power button and Menu Button at the same time

    and see if the device can be forced shutdown and reboot?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Blake,

    I tried pressing the power button and menu button at the same time and the device did not reboot.

    Is there anything more that can be done? It been really hard giving my online lectures/talks without the second monitor. =/

    Thank you,

  • Hello Max,

    Please kindly provide the SN to me in the PM I send you.

    I might need to guide you to the service center.

    But I would need to informed the local team first.

    Thank you.

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