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Zenscreen MB16AHP - Frozen

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Battery or AC: Battery
Model: MB16AHP
Frequency of occurrence: 4 (so far!)
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
System: ZenScreen <
Detailed description:
Exactly the same as reported here: ZenScreen Go MB16AHP - Frozen / Power Button Unresponsive — ZenTalk (
This item has been working fine connected via HDMI to my Lenovo laptop for the few months that I have owned this item (and also using the USB-C connection for the mains charger).
However today it has stopped working. The power and menu buttons on the display are not responding at all. The power LED is on and I cannot turn it off. I tried to connect it directly using the USB-C connetor, no differences.
Based on the other thread, I will let the unit run flat and see if that causes it to reset/work when connected to power again (like the other times this occured... Quite disapointing as this is not a reliable screen.

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Hi there,
Please kindly long press the power button and menu button together to reset the device.
If it does not work, then might need to try the solution that others did, drain the battery and charge it again.
The last step is sending the device to our service center for further examination.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Thank you.

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I drained the battery and resolved the issue.
it happens about once in a month. getting used to it, but still anoying.
at least it revives. if it goes dead, I'll open a return request
thx for your prompt response