Display and network issues

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Rog phone 3.

On low brightness the visual becomes distorted and on full brightness not much is visible in bright sunlight.

There is a black crash when after I hide or unhide an app most of times, it gets fixed after I lock and unlock the phone

I'm facing network issues on network "Airtel" in India, apn was not getting set automatically.

These are issues that i face mainly, otherwise this phone is a complete BEAST.


  • Black crush is issue is there in every device and they are saying to wait for upcoming update so lets wait and see

    And for network issues , if you are having volte issue then go to network settings and force network to 4g and if that doesn't work then enable 5g and force Network to 4g/5g and hopefully that will work

    I am using vodafone in India and having volte issues and when i forced 4g only, i was not receiving call and so for me second one with enabling 5g works fine and bolte is also working

    Until proper fix , this will work but @Gustav_ASUS , we need a proper fix for this issue

  • @ranvirs008 Were you able to solve your network issues by updating the APN settings correctly?

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