ZenBook UX300UA problem after battery replacement

Richard_ARichard_A Level 1
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I replaced the battery in my UX300UA but now have a very strange problem. When I plug in the power cable, the power light on the side, the on on/off button, F2 and Caps Lock on the keyboard all light up but I cannot turn the machine on. I have checked all the connections carefully and repeated all steps again to replace the battery with the same result. I even put back in the old battery and still have the same result. In much trial and error I found out that everything works fine with the new battery (the machine starts properly and the battery starts charging) as long as I do not screw on the back cover. As soon as I put just one screw in the the rear cover and tighten it I get the problem.


  • Hello Richard,

    May I know if you replace the battery yourself or our service center helped you?

    Thank you.

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