Back Glass peeling off

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Anyone else having this issue. Since the beginning my devoce has this hardware defect where the back glass on the left (non heat sink side) has a sloght non incremental gap from the frame. Thebheat sink side is perfectly fitted with no such gap. As a result it looks like a decade old device and dust is getting accumulated. Is it natural .. what to do


  • Its the flu probably,same here with me but I have the case and it's on the heat sink side,but if you clean it appropriately with a cloth,no problems will start

    Besides,even if a bit of dust gets in there won't be any problems...except if you dust put dirt on it all day

  • Hi,

    For a new phone and even after usage with proper care it shouldn't happen.

    Kindly visit the nearest service center:

  • Proper care and new phone aside... It was there from the unboxing time. Its about half a millimeter gap. Not only mine but a friend of mine also has it. He has on the lower side portion only on the side opposite the heat sink. Firstly this ridiculous graying out of dark scenes in movies. Looks very unsatisfactory. Then this. Phone often switches to higher refresh rate on its own.

    So many issues Mods. Fix it yar... How much longer do we have to wait ... Its not a budget 10k priced phone. 50k is equivalent to half a lakh and this is the quality.

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