A10 & A11 stable updates for Pro M1

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Hello Christine & Asus Team,

Wanted to know on Nxt stable updates on Android version. We see that devices are launched in April 2018 & are now 2.5+ Years old.

Now as A10 beta has many bugs in it & risky to upgrade to beta version from A9. I have below questions for the company-

1. Is asus planning on A10 & A11 stable update for this device???

2. if not will company be providing system updates to work mobile smoother???

3. If services are stopped, what to do??? as if we don't update firmware version mobile becomes very very slow & difficult to use.

4. Should Pro users still wait for nxt update / service to provide for this device or not????

As before flagships mobiles this devices units were sold over 1 million units (figures are approx real figures may be different) so before comparing to any flagships mobile want to know on about these things.

A10 update is already rolled out couple of months ago & now A11 is rolling out to devices. E. G if company provides A10 stable update to this device will we get A11 update further as well?

@Christine_ASUS please let us know on this as want to know what the company is looking / working / thinking from customers point of view or thinking from company's point of view & that what customers are thinking from company's point of view.


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