rog2 with no volte in sight

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its a darn shame that a company produced a phone without a major hardware connection. i hope every one stuck with this device will pass the word around that no on should buy any asus phones. with no hardware upgrade in sight we all will have 'a very expensive paperweight'. please let us all spread the word. when it drastically affects their monetary gain they might do something so so please spread the word ... their current phones are worthless and no one should buy such a horrible product.


  • There's a work around to get volte working with united States carriers. You have to be rooted and have a bit of skill to get it as it involves modifying low level files and such. Unfortunately volte isn't just up to asus. Carriers have to approve the device first. Which is why we haven't gotten it in the United States but Europe has. They're working on getting it approved through American gsm carriers at this moment. Outside of this I don't understand why you think asus makes "horrible products." Updates come more frequently than what you would get from oneplus. Customer support is amazing compared to Nubia red magic. At least we have a forum, phone number and service center we can get ahold of if a issue arises inside the warranty period. People always act like asus abandoned the rog 2. When Ive seen nothing but evidence that says otherwise

  • Not sure where you get your information or how high your IQ is, but i think pretty low based on your comments. NO ONE should have to HACK for VOLTE using the method on XDA. It IS NOT the carriers who make VOLTE work in the US, the ONUS is on ASUS to do the testing in the US to be approved for VOLTE, which they (ASUS) are unwilling to spend the money to do. On a side note, MOST of the laptops produced by ASUS end up with an upside down image from the built in web cam when you upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10. Its clearly an issue where ASUS installed the hardware upside down and corrected it by monkeying around with a driver to correct the orientation of the image, does that sound like quality to you?

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    Don't know about VOLTE availability in the US, but should of done some research on the phone before buying if you know full well 3G is not going to be used in the very near future. The software and hardware is already in the phone , I am sure Asus is trying to get this approved.

    Name me one manufacturer who have been 100% perfect since their company has launched.

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    And most importantly, as soon as someone found out there was no VOLTE on their brand new phone, why wasnt the phone taken back for a refund.

    I would of gone back and got my money back if that happened.

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    I know right. Those manufacturers removing the headphone jack, they are definately not taking care or listening to their customers who listen music or play games. Different users will have different expectations.

  • Not gonna feed the troll (you) VOLTE is something that must be "approved" from both ends. Telecommunications provider as well as cellular phone manufacturer. In this case asus. The rog 2 has all the capabilities of VOLTE but t-mobile or AT&T says nope. Not gonna approve it. Guess what!!!?? No F*CKING VOLTE! B*tch and cry all you want about asus being garbage but there nothing asus can do about it. Hence where the xda "hack" comes in. Asus has nothing to do with it. Dumbas$

  • Next time I will buy Samsung (All low end and high end phones has VoLTE enabled).

  • ​Thank you for contacting ASUS product support. My name is Cassandra C. I would like to welcome you to the ASUS family, I also appreciate the time out you have taken to notify us of your concern and I apologize for any inconvenience caused. I’m grateful to be able to further address this matter with you.

    It is my understanding that you are inquiring about VoLTE support. Regrettably, ASUS unlocked carrier Zenfone devices sold in the USA do not support VoLTE. At this time, we are unable to confirm if there will be any updates that will have VoLTE support. I do apologize.

    In the event that you have additional concerns, please let me know and I will be happy to take care of them as well. Thank you for choosing ASUS.

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