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Dear friends

My self is a space scientist presently using one plus 5. I am planning to change my phone to non Chinese phone due the data security issues with Chinese phone.

My usage is mostly WebEx meeting every day with NASA and internal meetings with jitsi and other apps. Youtube learning and science papers reading are other uses along with telephone calling local and international through IDEA sim and WiFi calling apps.

I wish to change my phone to ROG 3 128,8GB model.

I request your honest opinion about the phone and draw backs of it. I have few questions

1 is idea and bsnl sim work well in this phone.what is the quality of calls

2 I am seeing few issues discussed here

a) has display issue resolved.

I am also hearing view angles has some problems. Is there one

b) battery charging and fast draing issues.one of the prime reason for going to this phone over galaxy note 20 is the battery life. Is this resolved?

c) I am hearing display is not all that great.but is it ok.

d) does whatsapp works well


  • Answer to most of your questions are positive.

    Idea does work moderately well on this phone . I don't know about idea .

    Display issues is a subjective topic and it also depends on the phone you get . Some people have got phones which show a lot of black crush, but my phone has v little black crush and on these 2 months Asus has come up with 4 updates trying to improve the black crush . It has improved considerably over time . And should get better.

    The viewing angles are great no such problems

    Yes battery charging is not an issue . The phone has slow charging feature and scheduled charging which is not working on many devices but the mods have said it should become alright with the next update . I charge my phone when it reaches 20% and I only charge it till 90%( charging limit feature ) . I approximately get 6.5-7.5 hours of sot on an avg .

    Once I tried to complete one full cycle of the phone so I completely drained it and I got nearly 10.5 hours of sot with a lot of Netflix and social media so Battery in the phone is great absolutely no complaints there . There is no battery draining issue on this phone and even if it ever comes it's a software issue for eg- Rog 2 came up with an update and many ppl complained about battery drain and heating issued and in 5-6 days Asus gave an update to them which solved that issue however as of now I haven't faced any battery drain issue . Moreover the bypass charge feature is a great feature . Not all apps can use it but most can so incase you are at home and have video calls u can keep it connected and your battery percentage will remain the same as the phone will directly draw current from the socket

    I would say display is best on samsung devices but I've watched many series and shows on this in hd and 720p and it's great . The speakers sound great and since the screen is already so big you kind of ignore the bezels .

    Few things you may want to consider is

    The camera of note 20 is kind of better. Though this one does a great job in most situations if camera is not your main main preference then go for it .....

    Incase you plan to go for it when your device comes throughly go through your device watch some dark scenes white background scenes sound camera . Check everything. It's very unlikely you'll get a defective piece but to avoid an unwanted situation check your device and get it replaced if there is any issue at the right time .


    I have been using this phone for 2 months now . And it's great no lagging, everything is fast and smooth . A few bugs have come with each update but they get solved with each new update. I guess that's the problem with each phone . Call quality is good and clear so it's not an issue .

    If you have any other question in particular feel free to ask 😁

  • And yes WhatsApp works v well 😂

  • If you're actually concerned about data then I'm afraid there is no android/IOS based phone you should buy without being worried. I'm going to be blunt here, I don't think this phone is for you. The Rog3 caters towards a group that is much more into performance and features rather than what you want to use it for. You might be much better off with a samsung Galaxy M31 or similair.

    As for your questions:

    1.) No idea what the first part even asks, as for quality of calls, well it's the same as for all other reputable phones, quite good.

    2.) That's not a question, also you'd be hard pressed to find a single phone that doesn't have some sort of issues.

    3.) Black crush still a thing and has not been resolved to this date.

    4.) Viewing angles are excellent, all phones that arent extreme budget should have excellent viewing angles.-

    5.) If this is your main concern then again, a phone with a power effieicient SoC combined with big battery will get you better results.

    6.) Still not a question, however display is excellent aside from black crush issues.

    7.) Yes, whatsapp works as it does on basicially all android based phones, even budget ones.

  • Thank you so much

  • According to me this phone is for gamers and performance boasting users.

    For your use case a samsung phone will be the right option I guess(since yu are looking for no Chinese)

    And the software of asus rog is not that great, wen compared to one ui or miui or oxygen is ...

  • Thank you so much

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