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Request: ROG 3 Improvements

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I've only had this phone for few days now and so far I'm happy with my purchase. It's a very good phone for the price. However, there are a few improvements I'd like to see. But first, I just wanted to say what I like about the phone. So here are the positives:
1. Incredible battery life. I'm getting around 8hrs on fairly heavy days. Easily get through 2 days on light usage.
2. Great sound. The speakers in this are the best I've heard in any phone. Watching content is immersive.
3. Responsive and fluid. The touch responsiveness is amazing and the UI is buttery smooth.
4. Near stock android. Very clean looking with very little bloat.
5. Air triggers are useful. Takes some time to get used to them though.
Unfortunately, there are some things that need improving:
1. Black crush issue. It is quite noticeable. I know other phones suffer from it too but this is the first phone where it was very obvious.
2. Lower brightness. The minimum brightness is too damn high. Maybe it is so that the black crush issue would be worse if we could lower brightness further??
3. Camera. It is ok but there is no reason a bit of software magic can't make it much better. I really miss my Pixel 4xl. Some pictures on the ROG 3 look washed out and night mode needs improvement. I'm using gcam and it improves things but the stock camera should do better. I know it's primarily a gaming phone but why can't it have decent cameras? Specially if you can improve things with better software.
4. Volume control. A minor one for me but it seems only to get loud near max volume setting.
That's all for now. Feel free to add your suggestions.

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Thanks for your feedback. 👍