[Possible Suspect] Screen blackout & charging shutdown

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I want to share some possible suspect on the cause of screen blackout and charging blackouts/shutdown.

*Ps: I am aware of the threads discussion on these issues and how we are advised to send to asus sc.

As much as hardware issue is the easiest way out - I believe it's not. And my suspect in the screen blackout issue is a GPU usage overload issue.

*And since I just downgraded from A10 with frequent blackouts; A9 has been a saving grace.

I'm running A9 build 1910.64. I was playing Genshin Impact and experienced screen blackouts only in specific scenarios: overclocking the game graphics setting by setting fps from 30fps to 60fps.

My experience is this:

- turn on realtime info

- in game settings: turn on 30fps and play

- GPU info shows about 40 - 60% usage

- screen blackout does not occur

- in game settings: turn on 60fps and play

- GPU info shows consistent 77% usage

- screen blackout occurs after about 2 min of gameplay.

Due to the blackout the only way to actually play the game is on 30fps. And whenever blackouts occur: the only way to unblackout the screen is to lock and unlock the screen.

Thus leading to my next issue: charging shutdown.

The charging shut down issue has been persistent for me from A9 to A10. Plug into a FAST charger and within 1min the screen blacks out first, then shutdowns within the next 30s.

I have a suspicion that when plugging in the device on a FAST charger, the action cause a surge into the GPU, hence causing first a blackout then a shutdown.

Of course these are just my suspicions. On part of the screen blackout - I have pretty concrete and reproducible evidence. But for the charging shutdown - it is merely theory on my part.

Perhaps one of the moderators can clear the air on this issue.

Thanks for reading.


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