Lots of crashes and unreadable files since updating to Android 10 and firmware

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Basic information:

  1. Model Name: ZenFone 6
  2. Android Version: 10
  3. Android Security Patch level: Sept 1, 2020
  4. Baseband: M3.18.40.19-Kirin_001102,
  5. Kernel: 4.14.117-Perf
  6. Extension ROM: 1.1.1
  7. Build Number: QP1A.190711.005.WW_Phone-17.1810.2009.176
  8. Rooted or not: No
  9. Frequency of Occurrence: All the time / constantly
  10. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Gallery, Camera, Signal


Full description:

I finally applied the recommended updates to the system and I really wish I had not updated and ignored them. There were perhaps 6 updates in all, including Android 10 as well as a few "FOTA" updates and security updates. Suddenly various apps stopped working, including the Camera, Gallery as well as my SMS app called Signal (when trying to attach images /files). Also can no longer properly read files like images when trying to copy them over to the computer.

I have tried:

  • clearing cache of various apps,
  • uninstalling and re-installing the apps,
  • as well as trying to start the phone in Safe Mode.

The problems persist. So it is looking like a factory reset is my only option 😫


  • Try reverting back to Pie , if you were successful in that, always flash whole firmware to your desired update build

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    I have since done a factory reset. The result has been that I had to re-setup everything again, but thanks to Google backup "most" of my apps and things are maintained, thankfully I had all my photos that were stored on the internal memory backed up to Google Photos.

    Camera, Gallery and Signal are working now, whew. And I still seem to have Android 10 (it did not revert back to 9 / Pie). Though one game, called Ascension, fails to load properly no matter what I have been trying.

    I should have listened to my long standing mantra of NEVER UPDATE. Newer versions of Android offer very minimal improvements and are very much not at all worth the hassle that they almost always cause 🙄

  • paul.a.railpaul.a.rail Level 1
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    So I finally had to do a factory reset. Had to go through the whole setup again and re-adjust all my various system preferences. And I seem to still have Android 10 (it did not revert back to 9 / "Pie"). Thankfully Google backup maintained "most" of my apps and I had all the photos from the onboard storage also backed up to Google Photos.

    Camera, Gallery and Signal are working again, whew. But now one of my games Ascension will not load no matter what I try.

    I should have stuck to my long standing mantra which is to NEVER UPDATE. The very minor changes that you get from one version of Android to the next are NOT WORTH the hassle / risk of things going wrong.

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    Even I love to keep the device at Pie

    A10 seems not so good, A11 no idea at all.

    *Factory reset will not downgrade your OS , what I suggested was to get the downgrade file from ASUS Website and flash back to 9 (This will remove everything) and then You always go for full firmware flash to A10 build

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