Screen is green, can't fix that with Splendit

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Today I received the new Asus Zenfone 7 Pro (ZS671KS).

The screen has a green tint and it's very annoying. I make a lot of photos both by phone and DSLR's I understand color representation laws. Yet this green tint is beyond tolerance. I compare it to my Zenfone 6, three calibrated monitors, and some other phones. The tint is strong enough to not represent a natural look of apps and multimedia. Eg. on a photo taken outside sky looks green while on other devices look natural blue. Generally color depth is flattened with too much green. Everyone I ask confirm that my Zenfone 6 has much better color reproduction.

I would attach a photo but it's visible for human eye only. I can't catch the actual difference using a camera probably due to some technicalities of how camera sensor is catching the display's matrix.

I also performed eyeball tests on all devices: and the results are really bad for Zenfone 7 :(

I have Splendid set to DEFAULT and Night Mode or any filters like that turned OFF.

I obviously tried to get rid of the green tint via Splendid but the tint is way too strong to fix that. I would need some special white balance tool like in photography.

Does everyone have something like that or just I have a bad luck AGAIN (last year my brand new Zenfone 6 motherboard died 3 weeks after I bought it) ? Hopefully this time it's something easy...

Thanks in advance!

Tech specs:

  1. Model Name: Asus Zenfone 7 Pro (ZS671KS)
  2. Firmware Version: WW_29.12.18.16 (latest for this day)
  3. Rooted or not: NOT rooted
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: all the time both on 60Hz and 90Hz


  • I just have a very slight green tint on grey backgrounds at low brightness and only at 90hz. You might have a defective unit

  • Same here, I have a very slight green tint but only visible on grey backgrounds and low brightness.

    It's not really a problem as it's rarely being noticed, only late in the day when lighting is low.

  • Thanks guys, I'll create a support service ticket, and get back to you with the results of what happened.

  • Install -- Oreo Colorizer-- from Google Play. Press ..start...button on the app. This app fixes green tint issue on Asus 6z , hope it works on Asus 7. However, colours on display appears a bit undersaturated. Try the app and let me know

  • Hello,

    There is a topic also in french. If you are not lazy to translate it ;)

    Écran Asus ZenFone 7 — ZenTalk

    For your information, I change three time the phone but I always have the problem on this phone (Zenfone 7 black color).

  • After reading this post, I noticed the same green tone on my screen today, slightly green. But I think that's ok for me, what I've found annoying is the blue tone of the screen when it is supposed to be white, the splendid app does not help at all.

  • I also noticed the blue tone. After looking for a while I noticed that thw issue only appears when adaptive brightness is on and when the brightness is not 100%. If you move the brightness bar to 100% the screen gets white again...if you leave it going down a little the screen gets bluer and bluer the lower the brightness is... And btw I also have the green tint....I am not sure what to say anymore about this phone....I like it and hate it at the same time....but giving the fact it costed 800 euros , I tend to hate it more...

  • I am coming back with another option. If you select Standard option on Splendid app the display looks way better. It is the most calibrated option

  • Good day

    Today I bought a Zenfone 7 pro and I have a distinctive green hue in the upper half of the display. It can be seen in games or applications and it completely changes the whole display to a green breath.

    Will you solve it with an update or should I return the phone and buy a new one? then come back again and buy a new one?

  • I've the same issue however i try to live with it. I'll simply change my device for another sooner than i used to.

  • I think a little bit of green tint is common with high refresh rate OLEDs

    You can find this complain on almost all community forums

  • I don't care if it has a shade of red, but if it's normal, let me have all 10 million pieces made, but not like that when 10 people have a green and bad display and another 10 people are completely fine.

  • My first had horrible green tint in upper half of the screen. Visible even at 60Hz and not only low brightness. I immediately turned it back in for service to the seller. They changed the screen on it for a new one and now it's pretty much perfect. No green even at 90Hz and low brightness.

    Attached picture of my screen that got exchanged. It was really, really bad.

  • No green tint on mine, though I notice some 'rainbow banding' when slightly tilting the display, I see hues of red and green when slightly tilted on a white background, anyone else notice this?

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