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Zenfone 9 burn-in and screen tint after just one and a half years?

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Hi everyone,

I bought my Zenfone 9 (256 GB) in the summer of 2022 and have been using it as my main device since November. Despite being careful and rarely using the highest brightness level, I'm experiencing the first issues with OLED burn-in in the notification bar area. Additionally, there's a green vertical line appearing on the screen, especially noticeable with dark themes.

With previous devices, such burn-in issues or other OLED-specific defects usually occurred after at least four years of daily use.

Does anyone have experience with whether ASUS covers repair costs in such cases? Before resetting it, deleting all data, and sending it in, only to end up stuck with the costs, I wanted to ask here briefly.

I haven't had the device for even two years yet and would like to continue using it.

Thanks a lot and best regards.



Hey @yadde,

Can you please share a picture of the screen with the burn-in?