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lockscreen time

Star I

Since i updated to android 14 ive had the issue where when i press the lockscreen button it takes almost a full second to turn the screen off. Changing animation speeds doesnt change this. Please address it in the next patch



Star I

When i press the button and try to put the phone in my pocket, i keep accidentaly opening apps, changing songs etc. . Its very annoying

Hey @b1bs and @Tomy90c,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Can you please answer the following questions-

  1. Have you enabled AoD and New Notification? (New notification: The screen wakes up when you receive a notification.)
  2. Which unlock method have you selected? (Press or touch to unlock)

1. No

2. Tapping

I have not enabled aod and new notif. Also i use scan to unlock, i dont have to press the button. I do have to press it to lock it.