Rog 2 repaired 2 times from service center

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My phone came back from repair 2 times from service center.still the problem of autorestart is there.tell me asus what to do otherwise my last option will be filing a complaint against u for cheating and fraud.I have all the proofs regarding this.


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    Come on twitter just start a campaign.u do not need to like just tag asus india and tell ur issues.also check that youtube link.

  • Hi @Niks,

    Please share the info I have requested in PM.

    I will have a detailed check with service.

  • My device has been in the service center for more than 1 and half months. the new motherboard ordered for my phone is faulty as told by the service center(after fitting the new board the air triggers stopped working) .I want to ask u wat are the people doing who are manufacturing these boards .Ur company boards are faulty ur service is not up to the point 2 times repaired and the third time again in the service center. plz take this matter seriously ,will u take this seriously once my phone explodes due to your faulty parts and injures me.The service center people told that again the new board has benn ordered for our device .how much time.plz see into this and extend my warranty if u cannot fix this shitty phone plz refund my money.

  • The service of asus is worst ...... I also had so many problems recently...... will never buy an asus product in my life

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    It's not worst but time phone to when info service repair for three times and for the third time the motherboard was changed and now I am not facing any shutdown problems so yes their services are slow but ultimately ur device gets repaired

  • Urs is just 2 times , mine is 4 now! Still again in service centre. ! Auto restart / black screen issue is frustrating and the service centre is almost 60 kms from my home . Complained to Asus ceo desk several times and all, but is of no use. ! Worst one could ever ask for ; No replacement / refund also initiated!

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    Tell them to replace the motherboard that's the only solution nothing else can solve this frustrating issue.mine was replaced now it's ok .tell them about this show them the zenforuna.dude u don't know how much times I have called them for this issue for the last 2 mys my phone aas at service center for 3 times and finally it got repaired.tell them on twitter that whrere i got a reply from asus tag them.

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