Dark mode toggle and auto rotation issue

Dear Asus, we need the dark toggle mode. Will you add it please? It's very useful. It's a nuisance to go into settings every time to activate dark mode. Other devices have it. Why we don't have it? Is it so difficult to implement it? It's just a toggle

Auto rotate sometimes doesn't work or it's slow, especially in Chrome and YouTube. Are you planning to fix it?


  • Hi R.

    Thank you for your asking. Kindly provide the information below so that we can better assist you.

    1. Model Name: Settings>System>About phone

    Refer to the link below to check the model name by model no. in the link


    2. Your current firmware version

    Settings>System>About Phone>Software information

    If you try to update to the latest version, does the issue still persist?

    3. Auto rotate:

    3-1. Does the issue appear after any system/apps' download or update?

    3-2. If you update Chrome and YouTube to the latest version, does the issue remain the same?

    3-3. Chrome and YouTube version

    3-4. Please check on SMMI test 

    Calculator> type ".12345+=">SMMI TEST>Single Test>GSensor Test

  • R.R. Level 2
    edited August 3

    1 Zenfone 5Z

    2 Firmware

    Auto rotation seems improved on latest system update. I will check again and i'll write here if the issue happens again since i updated the apps

    Thank you

    EDIT. I did the g sensor test and without doing anything the "Z+" passes immediately, but "Z-" is hard to pass

  • It seems like auto rotation sensor goes in sleeping mode after some time. When you restart your device and open any app it works fine but after some time it stops working or take too much time to rotate. However while playing any games rotation sensor works fine and every single time. As soon as you switch to any app problem starts. I have to manually switch off and on the sensor toggle from quich settings tiles. I thinks there's problem with Gyroscope cause everytime you play Games it works fine. I hope you understand the problem.

  • Hi Chintan Devganiya

    Thank you for your asking. Kindly provide the information below so that we can better assist you.

    1. Model Name & Your current firmware version (Please update to the latest version)

    2. SMMI Test Result

    3. A video record of the issue

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