Why MIPUSH FOLDER is on my internal memory and how to delete (PERMANENTLY)

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edited September 2020 in ZenFone Max Pro Series

I'm using zenfone max pro m2 since july 2019.

Recently i've found a folder named XIAOMI and MIPUSH on my internal memory. I've deleted the XIAOMI one but a folder called MIPUSH keep appearing in several hours after deleted.

I admit that since a week ago I've been searching for some cheap xiaomi smartphone (for my dad after his phone got stolen) on google and shopee app. But is it possible that I got those folder just because I'm searching for some phone information on Internet?

And now after I'm uninstalled shopee (that I think was the problem) it keep appearing and it bothered me.

Please if you know how to delete it permanently, would you tell me what should I do.

(I'm thinking about factory reset but idk)

Thank you.


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