M409DA stuck at max 2.2GHz (Ryzen 5 3500u)

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Bought an Asus M409DA with Ryzen 5 3500u after reading it's a max 3.7 GHz cpu. However in my use the cpu never goes above 2.2GHz, even when purposefully trying to stress it with multithreaded compression and such. Why, what's the issue?

BIOS is so locked down there's nothing. Tried Fn-Tab 3 times to access the full bios but no go.

If it's about the power supply not being powerful enough, i'm ok with buying a bigger one. But I do want the full power of the cpu I bought and not just 60% of it! The laptop is not even warm when using it at nearly 100% cpu utilization for all 8 cores, so there's really a lot room for improvement. Power profile set to high with min 100% max 100%, no pci waits, etc everything maxed.

While it's a great laptop I'm not very happy of the missing 40% of cpu power. 😑


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    Tested with CPU-Z stress test from idle it goes briefly to 2.8 GHz but soon (within 1 minute) starts falling and stabilizing around 2.2 GHz, the thermal solution in M409 is inadequate for this cpu? Lappy and exhaust air is still only vaguely warm, not hot.

    2.8 is 75% of 3.7.

  • No comment from Asus? Disappointing.

    Seems one has to physically test an Asus device before buying because the specs cannot be relied on.

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