Phone restarting continuously mid update (Asus 6z)

gopal575gopal575 Level 1
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I got an update notification(system notification not tied to any app) which went something like "Your system is updated reboot to.." in the morning (20th July 2020) .

The phone is not starting and it is stuck in endless loop of ''Powered by android" to ASUS icon.

Please suggest what to do (at-least to stop the phone from re-attempting)


  • Tried staring in 'Recovery Mode' by pressing volume + and power button. still no use.

  • Hi, we suggest you to please visit the nearest ASUS service center for better assistance. Locate here :

  • gopal575gopal575 Level 1
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    I did visit the service centre near me(meant for mobiles from website), they didn't take the phone saying they dont cover this model(6z !!). And the next available service centre is 300 kms away.

    I am starting to regret my decisions 😞.

    A 35k+ phone getting stuck during company updates !!

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