PUBGM High Ping on WIFI

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Wifi details - Jio fiber 250 MBPS connection.

I have been having this issue from the past couple of months where I am getting a constant High ping of about 160 ms on my wifi, I have noticed this issue with my phone alone as other devices are getting regular 50 ms. When I switch to mobile data during the match I get considerably better ping approx 60 ms which is what I should get on wifi. The thing about mobile data is it's not constant so I get spikes of ping in between which makes gameplay during close combat very difficult.

I tried changing modem but with no success.

I have recorded a video of the same and attached the same, kindly let me know how to resolve this issue.



  • @akashvarshney005 As a first step, try resetting by going to:

    Settings -> System -> Reset options -> Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth

    Also, when you say other devices, are you talking about other phones running PUBGM?

  • I'm having these problems as well

  • I suggest you to switch off and turn it back on once you enter the game before landing , works for me tho. Btw I'm too having Jio Fiber Wifi 100 Mbps plan for this month and my ping is around 20-28 . Hope it works for you

  • I tried your recommendation but it did not help. I did the reset but did not work. Same ping issues.

    I did a re installation of pubg still did not work.

    I am now unsure as to why this is happening and what should I do to resolve this.

    Also my left air trigger does not work properly it remain pressed and you would not be able to bring it back until you switch them off or restart your device.

    I am attaching another video which I took after resetting network.

  • It does not work for me, I tried disconnecting and reconnecting but still the same, I have dual band router and switching to either one during the match gives me same ping. Disconnecting and reconnecting again should not be a solution to this problem.

  • Yep mine is Hathway broadband 70mbps and I am getting around 160ms to 448 ms ping comfortably on Rog 2 while my sister's OnePlus 5t is getting around 20ms to's been 8 months since I bought this phone and I've never used my wifi to play pubg,instead I recharge my mobile data every month specifically for playing pubg.

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    Do you guys have Bluetooth on while playing?

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    Try turning it off and see if that helps as it could be interference. And then let us know if it is better.

  • I have tried everything, even factory resetting my phone didn't help. Latency on My old OnePlus 6 is 30-40 while playing pubg but on my rog phone 2 it keeps fluctuating between 200-300 ms (even on cellular data).

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  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    There's got to be something different for you guys but others don't get this issue. I have other suggestions too if you would like to continue to investigate:

    • Do you have two sim cards in the sim card tray? If so have 1;
    • Do you have Data Saver on? If so, turn it off;
    • Do you have screen recorder on? If so, turn it off.
    • What frequency are you using for your WIFI on your phone? 2.4 or 5? Try switching to 5 if you're not on 5 and assuming your router can handle this. You will see this in the WIFI settings;

    Can you also screenshot the following from this site from your phone:

    If you have another phone or a PC, do also provide the same screenshot so we can compare.

  • Thanks for responding but below are my answers.

    If dual sim is the issue why have it and why others are not facing it - anyhow I have only single sim.

    If on wifi why would anyone keep their phone on data saver - anyhow it's never ON

    Screen recorder was used only to capture the issue otherwise always off since the game lags a lot while it is ON.

    Bluetooth is always off since I play with wired earphones

    I have a dual frequency router and switching to 5 GHz or 2.5 GHz have the same results.

    The screenshot you are asking to capture would be of no use since ping goes to normal after switching to mobile data.

    Check the videos I have attached in the original thread and the one in the comment section after resetting network settings.

    Still any help offered would be appreciated.

  • I use bluetooth earphones with my OP6 as well and it never lags.

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    The pings will be of use because that would determine if it's the game that's causing your lag (i.e. you might have high graphic settings), your phone is causing the lag (i.e. you have background transmissions) or is it your phone in general (i.e. if other phones/PC have significantly lower pings than the ROG 2 phone) as it can be due to overloading which slows down your phone and the ping too.

    If you're switching between WIFI and Data, turn off " Switch to mobile data automatically" in the WIFI - Advanced Settings so you won't be switching to Data while doing the pinging.

  • I just noticed that, for me at least, it only happens while I'm playing with bluetooth headphones on. This is hilarious lol just goes to show how shitty the software designing team really is.

  • I am not sure if you understood the problem, the issue is not the game because it is running smooth without any performance issue, the problem is with the ping and if you play pubg you would know that when the ping gets high the events that should happen in real time and we are able to see them in real time but after a second you know you saw it all wrong because you were behind in the server time due to that ping and you get killed. The problem cannot be with the game server ping because on mobile data the ping is excellent but when I am playing over wifi the ping increases. There could be 3 things which could be responsible for this

    1. Hardware issue - can't say

    2. Software issue - most likely(not sure though)

    3. Wifi issue - tested with other device working so safe to say wifi is alright.

    I have restricted everything else when I am playing game so network should dedicate it speed to the game at least that is what is advertised. And don't forget I have a 250 mbps fiber connection if I do a speed test I get a ping of 3 ms on my phone.

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    Your original video had WhatsApp (as an example) running in the background and straight away you're not dedicating the speed. So I wonder if you misunderstood what I was asking for?

    If you run the ping test, we shall see.

    Ping is the measurement of how fast you get the response back from the destination server (pong). You might have 250mbps link, but your phone doesn't handle that much speed.

    The ping test I sent you was to show how fast your ping is from your phone to the server. If it is quick like you said, then it would be either the game or software. Like I said, if you have higher graphics setting, you can still face high pings as your pings.

    I have tried PUBG, just to make it worst, I don't get this so we do need your help?

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