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Rog Phone 5 Wi-Fi ping issues

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Hello guys,

I work with Android APP's development, and my last work was with latency reduction.

I tried ICMP pings to a lot of destinations, TCP pings and also TCP stablished connection, and the spikes keeps happening.

After days trying to find the issue that was causing network spikes, I saw in tracert that the communication of ROG Phone 5s with router was not good, even close to router.

The most annoying is that a Moto G from 2015 and a Xiaomi Redmi Note using the same Wi-Fi has a very stable connection.

Also tried with 3 differente Routers.

This doesn't happen with RJ-45 USB-C adaptor, when connected directed by cable with router, so I guess that it can be a Wi-Fi driver problem, I don't know.

I saw that there's other people using Rog5 and Rog6 with the same issue there I had: 



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Try connecting to a different WiFi AP using both the ROG 3 & ROG 6. If the ping is still inconsistent then you might have a defective unit.



I did it, and also with different ROG5 devices. It's not my unit.

There's more people with the same problem reporting in thread that I've mencioned in post .

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Community Manager
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