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ROG phone 5 | restore the Old Game Genie

Rising Star II

>> Very Unhappy with So called Revamped Game Genie which is forced installed with Android 13.

>> Restore the previous Game Genie and reset the action to 'Swipe from left' to open like before.

>> As u can see in image, Game genie info still shows us to swipe from left and its UI is the one we liked most.

>> Buttons in revamped game genie is very tiny to work with & swiping diagonally to open it is also not very convenient.

>> We don't want to see Data/wifi ping status in game genie. We want to see Cpu (& Gpu) speed in place of these two.

#ROG5 #Android13 #GameGenie




Rising Star II

So more than 20 hrs have passed and I'm yet to get one response.

Ok then let me add one more of many drawbacks off this Revamped GG & that is "EDGE TOOL".

Trust me its a very very poor integration, those who have used former quick apps will tell u it was the best. ROG 5 Game Genie (Older version) 

As far as i know you are not gonna bring back that version then atleast give us those few features back - 1) Swipe from Left  2) Remove Edge tool, Bring back old style quick apps  3) Show CPU Speed  4) Make buttons bit larger

Yeah i would it to be the old one the new sucks its too small

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Community Manager
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