Power master is killing apps without permission

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Hi there. I'm new in here, i have found few threads about the issue, but noone exacly have described it the way, that issue is happening at my device.

So first of all, thats my first Asus phone, and i really love it - this issue wont make me sell it ;)


I have installed Deezer app. I really like to listen the music, but in second-third track my playback is gone. I turn on screen just to see power master have stopped app draining battery - deezer. Ok. I tought i need to add Deezer to some exception list, so i have disabled battery optimisation for deezer, enabled Optiflex and choosed only deezer for fast start, enabled autostart for deezer in Power Master, disabled "block autostart for apps" ( i use Polish language, original version may differ in English), in saving battery options (still in power master) i disabled all 4 options (clean after display is off, detect apps that drain batterym block autostart of apps (this option is in 3 places in phone i disabled it everywhere), notification of draining battery), and finally i un-ticked "use battery manager" in android >settings >battery >adaptive battery. Nothing have worked, deezer is still killed after few minutes.

Any idea, how i could stop Power Manager from killing my apps? Deezer is one of 2 apps that PM have killed, one of them was some app i forgot to close before turning off display. All steps i have done and described above was done one by one, between each of them i was testing if it still happens.

Whats more interesting, after second kill, app is sometimes not killed.

Please, any advice is apreciated.


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