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Phone suddenly switches off, reboots frequently

My Asus 6Z very often switches off suddenly while browsing etc. And then it takes quite a while to switch on. Even after pressing the power button for sometime and releasing it, most often than not, it does not come on. And when it does (sometimes wh...

FM Radio app

So.. is there any cool radio app that uses FM or a way to put the original app to the app drawer?I don't like to catch the original app from the quick settings... Thank you so much

No mobile data during calls

I just found out that there is no mobile data connection while I call someone. So I can't use WhatsApp or Google Maps during a phone call.Is that a ZenPhone specific setting? Where can I change it.I have two simcards, one (SIM2) for mobile data only,...

Smart Key | Start particular app on press

When we press once/twice/long press will this be able to launch specific app ? (Example: If I press twice, I want music player to open)is this feature added in 10 ? or will be added in any future updates ?Current Build: 1909.194_0 | Pie

Bhasky by Rising Star II
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Language Support | Reason or Motive behind this change on Zenfone 6

Version WW-16.1220.1908.1912019/10/311.86 GBytesZS630KL software Image:WW_16.1220.1908.191 for IN/WW/TW only* exclude RU/EUImproved Item:1.Disable 6 extra IN languages2.General system stability improved.===============================================...

Bhasky by Rising Star II
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FM Recording is Absent in Zenfone 6

My phone is currently having Pie with latest build , 1909.194_0This feature is very rewarding if you could enable, kindly consider.

Bhasky by Rising Star II
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soft brick or HW failure

So I was doing my normal morning routines sitting at table and checking weather quickly then suddenly it just stopped showing a screen. This set of events is exactly how my 5z died... the 6 I could at least hard-rebootSo I went to desperately try to ...

Dust under camera glass

After having my camera module replaced about a month ago I noticed there was some dust under the camera glass. Right now it doesn't cause any problems in pictures or video but I'm afraid it will later on. Anyone got any suggestions about how I should...