Display issue..can anyone fix this?

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Its about display.when i am back to the home screen the last used app's display is still showing in background.

Eg. When i am chatting on whats app and back to the home screen then whats app's chat screen nd contact name is still showing in background of Home screen


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    The thing you're talking about is a common thing with LCDs it's known as retention and you can't see really see it in screenshots lol

    All I can say is don't use your phone at high brightness for long durations (it especially happens when the image is constant/static like let's say a whatsapp/telegram group layout or pubg/some other game button layout 😂 which stays dormant throughout your usage period

    But as soon as you turn the display off the pixels can rest and "regenerate"

    In most cases it goes away in a few hours

    Plus you can only see it in certain UI areas (like in the grey areas of the dialer that too at a high brightness level tho)

    I too have slight retention sometimes but it's not much of a issue to me as it mostly goes away quickly and as you can't spot it during normal usage and to notice it you'll have to actively search for it

    Oleds display have a counterpart to this known as burn in which is sadly permanant

  • Hi @rajatajmera0604 ,

    Kindly visit the service center to have a check.


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