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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name:Asus 5Z
  2. Firmware Version: .87
  3. Rooted or not: No


I am facing this issue since a long time.

The screen appears to be bright even at lower settings (0%). Specially at night when lights are off it creates lot of problems as the screen brightness is not that low as compare to other devices.

I hope it will be fixed soon.

Thank you😊



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    The screen seems like dim right??? Well it started happening after the android 10 update. Before, the lower part of the notification shade blurred out perfectly. But after the update it is just dimmed. Seems uncalibration of the screen brightness. Also the screen doesn't completly turns of when we double tap the screen while in a call.

    Check out this.

    This is due to this unoptimized screen brightness only.


  • Allow me sometime to check if same problem do occur with my 5z 😊

  • It should be lowered at 0% brightness and u can check your phone at night when there is completely dark at that time use your phone at 0% brightness and u can see the screen is much brighter at 0%. It should be lowered.

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    U can check your phone at night when there is complete dark and u can see the difference. Screen is not that dim even the brightness set at 0%. This should be optimise properly. U will surely feel that brightness should be more lower at 0%. Specially at night when using your phone in your room.

  • I've mentioned this in old forum... The brightness doesn't seem working right... When in dark room if you're not using the phone screen will dim and when you touch screen will brighter... Which isn't right suppose if we set lowest brightness the screen will not dim further.... It seems like the lowest brightness is not the lowest...

  • That's why im saying brother. Ik this happens. Just as if th3 lowest brightness is somewhat higher than usual.

    And that screen lightup bug is so annoying.

    U experiencing the same bro??


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    For me this 0% brightness seems to work really great i tried several steps like

    I kept auto brightness on and tried to check how auto brightness works

    1-i tried to check with light off (no issue auto brightness adjusted flawlessly ) it brought brightness to 10 % for me

    2- After above step i tried to bring that 10% brightness to 0% manually and check if i see any diffrence so yes i can see the diffrence (brightness went more lower it was not bright and also easy for my eyes to watch anything or read)

    3- Then i tried lock unlock of device several times and check if brightness adjusts so i can see this also worked flawlessly for me (auto brightness)

    Overall i want to say that on my 5z brightness is not a problem i compared my screen with nokia 7.2 there was not much diffrence though so i think if you started to face this brightness issue only in A10 after update than i may suggest you try factory data reset which fix almost all the issues watever is triggering via software to ur auto brightness sensor

    Also it is suggested to always factory data reset after every new OS firmware which optimises software with hardware without many bugs and problems


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    I have no problem with auto brightness. Auto brightness works perfectly.My point is whenever we set our brightness at 0% the screen should be more dim at that time as compare to what we get. (0% me bhi brightness thoda aur kam hona chahiye)

  • Auto brightness is working fine. My point is whenever we set brightness at 0% then it should be more lower than what we get.(0% me bhi brightness thoda aur kam hota toh acha hota)

  • Yes i know but i tried steps with auto brightness and also by adjusting brightness manually as you explained even at 0% and more than 0% just to confirm how sensor works

    At 0% i dont see that it is bright enough and also i explained above that i compared it with other OEM not much diffrence so i can only say is at 0% brightness is f9 atleast for me

  • Why dont you see several factory data reset step to see if ur sensor works properly i think you are having issue with adaptive brightness feature which is not allowing ur device to lower brightness at lowest settings like 0% so i think try to reset and let ur adaptive brightness feature learn ur new brightness habits and after a week that will get calibrated properly and than check 0% brightness if that brings ur brightness to lowest


  • Hey bro , you are not understanding here....

    We are not talking about any ambient sensor or the AI features. We are just talking about the display here! The display seems to be more brightened as of more whitened. Just as if the text gets vanished out but the screen brightness remains unchanged.

    I don't know why are you talking about screen's ambient sensor aldredy. We have no complaints regarding screen's auto brightness. Works flawlessly. Not at all talking about habits or sensors or anything. Just saying that the screen just now looks like more whitish as it is just dimmed much. As if the blacks are more whitish. See the below pic. See that white/grey area beneath the notification shade???

    That area was before blurred out in Android 9.


  • I am talking about sensors and ambient brightness because i feel may be your adaptive brightness is not calibrated properly with ur daily using habits and if this is causing after android 10 update than i may suggest you to check after factory data reset and see if u notice any diffrence in brightness of screen at 0%

    Also As 5z has LCD panel those are not meant for dark modes so LCD looks bit brighter (whitish) at dark modes and that is because LCD screens illuminates using back panel that lights up completely and that is the reason u can see some whiteness

    Also i may say screen is not that bright which may effect usage or hurt eyes

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    Perkly correct my friend. But this is admitable that the screen calibration has gone on the lower end with the 5z after the android 10 update. Post thr update i experience screen burning issues.... Brightness too high.... Lightup during call while double tapping and many more.

    Well, ps-have aldredy downgraded to pie and updated to android 10 twice bc of the lockdown aldredy and I can say this with much of a confidence now that none of these issues were there in pie. And for a note all these issues were not there in pie. I managed to check out old pie for 4 consecutive days. And the screen was amazingly much more better back in pie. So as a fact I am really going to say this that there's a serious dip in the department of screen calibrating after the recent updates. Even some users complained about the screen retention issue. So yeah, that's pretty much it. Look bro.. @amitgarde3... We know every phone software can't be completly bug free and packed with all features. The reason for why we complaint is that 1st that 5z's hardware is capable 2nd...things which were there in previous builds have been triggered and are now buggy... We just want them to be again the same. And 3rd ofcourse.... Every third person has this... But it's true... We own a flagship... We spent 30k bla bla bla..... And as a matter of fact every so now and thing can't be give a reason for "it's a close stock like experience so we will be sticked to it" if we wanted stock we could have opted for pixel. So, I hope you understand.



    Peace bro

  • If you are observing such differences that are bothering you kindly create a new thread by uploading some comparision videos,screenshots n some other required proofs between pie n 10 with what your exact problems are that will help to understand ur issues better to mods n get better solution to you

    Also what are you trying to say you are not satisfied with stock like experience or with ur device brightness?? Those both are totally diffrent aspects also zenui 6 is close to stock with some customisations ofcourse and pixel has pure stock so there is huge diffrence between those too UI as well

    So i doubt what u want to say you started with brightness and all and ended up with stock experince overall your point is nowhere exact

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    Use this app at night in dark room, i am also using it, asus will not fix brightness issue, brightness is higher at 0 than other smartphone, check also geekyranjit review of 5z, he also mentioned it

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